Eddie 2425 21:39 25 Dec 2004

is kazaalite still available, i have asked this before but have lost it again

  Dan the Confused 21:45 25 Dec 2004

Don't bother, it's riddled with spyware.

  thms 21:45 25 Dec 2004

Do a search on google and you will get lots of links.

  Technotiger 21:45 25 Dec 2004

Hi, sorry to be so negative but from what I have read/heard about kazaa, in any form, I would steer well clear!!

Merry Christmas.

  Eddie 2425 21:49 25 Dec 2004

thanks for the response i understood kazzalite was not a spyware is the free version still available?

  Eddie 2425 21:50 25 Dec 2004

oh and sorry merry x-mas to all

  Eddie 2425 21:53 25 Dec 2004

maj do you still have a live link to it?

  dogbreath1 21:55 25 Dec 2004

You can get Kazaa Lite click here but it's not a freebie anymore. If you want to file share, I recommend free downloads from click here or click here both use the Gnutella Network which is supported by a good forum click here

  thms 21:58 25 Dec 2004

Seems to be debate about kazzalite click here

  Belatucadrus 22:02 25 Dec 2004

click here I think the owners of Kazaa did a fairly thorough job on Kazaa lite and anybody hosting it on the grounds that it was basically a hacked Kazaa and copyright piracy ( Pot calling kettle black perhaps). Most of the links lead to file share companies playing on the name.
Regardless of the legality of much of the material that's swapped, P2P is much abused, regulation and quality of the material available hugely variable. Amount of buggy virus infected crud huge.
I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, but there are those that love it. So very much at your own risk, but if you do go for it, make sure your anti virus is good and updated at least once a day.

  VoG II 22:38 25 Dec 2004

1) kazzalite is illegal reversed engineered software

2) it may or may not be spyware-free

3) you do not know whether you are downloading Rolf Harris singing Stairway to Heaven or a virus until it arrives and totally *****s up your machine

4) downloading copyright material is illegal

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