Kazaa/fast track vulnerability ?

  Shanks69 19:16 29 May 2003

See the attached zdnet bulletin. It's sad we cant have an open forum for sharing our music files (copyright free of course) without some idiots trying to spoil things:

P2P file sharing network users were urged to install a patch to fix a 'serious' security vulnerability that has been discovered by Random Nut
A security researcher who found a potentially critical vulnerability in the software that drives the FastTrack network, which powers p2p software such as Kazaa and iMesh, has dismissed claims by the makers of the software that the problem isn't serious.

The makers of Kazaa will release a patch within the next 24 hours and is urging customers to install it "as soon as possible".

According to the original advisory, published to the Full Disclosure security mailing list, attackers can take control of or crash the FastTrack "supernodes" that p2p users connect to.

"It's definitely a serious risk. Just ask anyone... if executing arbitrary code is a serious risk or not," he told ZDNet Australia.

Identifying himself only by his pseudonym, Random Nut, he said he went public with the vulnerability after waiting nearly two weeks for Kazaa and Joltid, the makers of FastTrack, to get back to him.

"[On] Tue 13 May I emailed a guy at Joltid, and about 2 days later I filed a bug report at click here. Yesterday, after reading it on Full Disclosure, someone working for Joltid contacted me. He told me that the guy I emailed had been on a long honeymoon," he said.

Although he has exploited the vulnerability, he will not be releasing exploit code into the public domain.

"I haven't released the exploit code. I don't want some little script-kiddie to close down all of the [FastTrack] network or parts of it," he said.

A spokeswoman for Sharman Networks, makers of Kazaa, told ZDNet Australia they had been informed by Joltid the issue isn't serious.

"As a licensee, Sharman Networks has been advised that the security of the FastTrack peer-to-peer technology is not under any significant risk," she said.

Kazaa will use information provided to them by Joltid, the makers of FastTrack, in authoring a patch.

"Sharman Networks has been provided with an update from the FastTrack's licensors which addresses this issue," it said in a statement. "The latest update... will be available for download within 24 hours and we encourage users to install it as soon as possible".

  jediknight007 19:20 29 May 2003

Easiest solution that will make everyone happy:

don't use Kazaa

  -pops- 19:43 29 May 2003

This doesn't seem any more dangerous to a computer than the other rubbish that Kazaa and similar programs already install.

As for your comment "It's sad we cant have an open forum for sharing our music files (copyright free of course) without some idiots trying to spoil things" - how much music do you play that is copyright free? How would you like someone coming into your house and nicking your possessions - which is effectively what you're doing by ignoring copyright?

  Despicable Desperado 22:38 29 May 2003

If it worries you you have a few options:-

1) Dont use p2p software
2) Use Grokster
3) Use kazaa lite (totally ad free)

  Shanks69 22:39 29 May 2003

The music I play is 10% copyright free.

The music I share is 100% copyright free (couldnt you understand that part of the post ?).

Chill out.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:48 30 May 2003

It is not 'some idiots', the MAJORITY of music downloaded on Kazaa et al is COPYRIGHT. I am sure that you will understand this.......


  jeez 01:12 30 May 2003

It's not any of our business what people decide to do in their own home! If it's illegal then the authorities have a right to stick their nose in, we DO NOT, so with regards to the p2p issue STEP OFF! I'm convinced this forum is full of saints and fe is god! LOL, I suppose that makes me Judas>>

Nah, seriously though, everytime a p2p thread appears it's filled with opinions and rubbish, can't they just be banned?

  Terrahawk 01:55 30 May 2003

leave your machine open to millions of strangers
one patch aint gonna solve your problems

  woody147 02:42 30 May 2003

perhaps if cd's and dvd's weren't priced at such a ridiculous markup then people wouldn't feel the need to become 'sinners' and commit the heinous crime of downloading copyright music etc. Music industry rips of the buying public, buying public turn to kazaa and rip them off. had to happen...

  mammak 14:01 30 May 2003

shanks69 your click here link above now takes you to download kaza media desktop v2.1, spyware free, mmmm what you all think i thought kazaa lite was the one that was spy ware free,havnt got either by the way, me no trust lol

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