kazaa and virus protection

  Gray23 10:25 09 Jan 2003
  Gray23 10:25 09 Jan 2003

i've recently purchased a new computer and with the excitement of owning this new machine, purchased several computer magazines which have now become my bed time reading! On the various cover discs i have chosen to install some of the programs - Kazaa for one. My question is this: being very keen to ensure that my new investment is safe from hackers, viruses and such like, i installed ZoneAlarm which appears to be an excellent program. However, if people choose to upload a document from my computer, zone alarm kicks in, which of course defeats the object of file sharing. ie i can download from people but they cannot download from me. Zone alarm does not seem to give me enough info on who is trying to get at my files and what they are tring to download. I wish to use kazaa so that a number of users can sample mine and other bands music, so there is no copyright issue here!

So how do I use Kazaa and keep my computer safe? Can anyone help?

  Andÿ 10:34 09 Jan 2003

It is next to imposable to 'use Kazaa and keep my computer safe' as you need to leave a hole in your firewall so you can share and a firewall with a hole is a bit pointless.

It is very unlikely that you would be hacked but just be aware that if you 'file share' there is a gaping hole in your firewall.

  €dstow 10:40 09 Jan 2003

I've broken my resolution about not reading Kazaa posts already but I note you have firewall protection but not anti-virus.

Firewalls do not protect against viruses.

!!!!Get a good anti-virus and a spyware blocker installed as soon as you can!!!!


  MikeOT 10:46 09 Jan 2003

i use kazaa and sygate firewall, which i have asked to allow access to the internet by kazaa.

personally, given kazaa only allows access to one folder, i don't think its worth worrying about hackers. also, i only run kazaa when i want to find something myself - not always - so i'm normally not far from my pc.

furthermore, what's a hacker going to do? especially given you've got a crappy adsl connection or cable modem, and you probably switch your pc off at least once a day? - i think they have bigger fish to fry.

  €dstow 10:51 09 Jan 2003

My point about anti-virus is still important whatever impression you may have gained from the last respondent who, to be fair, didn't poo-poo anti-virus, just firewalls.

All too often people come on here having caught something nasty and it can so easily be avoided by taking precautions.


  [email protected] 10:59 09 Jan 2003

Edstow is absolutely correct It is paramount that you install antivirus. The problems for 2002 were bad enough but 2003 will give rise to ordinary people unknowingly sending virus through their PC & inevitably be banned from their ISPs for allowing their PC to be used as a platform for virus/trojan hackers
Install antivirus to protect your investment NOW

  Gray23 11:02 09 Jan 2003

Thank you for your responses. i appreciate your help. Clearly then i need, and will obtain a decent anti-virus program as well as a spyware program.

Thanks again.

  MikeOT 11:03 09 Jan 2003

i didn't poo-poo antivirus - i just didn't mention it. i'd agree that with a broadband connection and especially filesharing etc, it is foolish to ignore all the protection you can get - especially when it is so easy and cheap/free.

I use sygate firewall (free), avg antivrus (free), and windows washer (v cheap). incidently, windows washer has a kazaa plug-in.

I think viruses are the biggest risk to our pcs, less so hackers, but even when the risks are low, it doesn't hurt to make a bit of effort.

I just can't be bothered to make a big effort.

  €dstow 11:16 09 Jan 2003

Read my post carefully and you will perhaps see what I did in fact write.

"- - - last respondent who, to be fair, didn't poo-poo anti-virus - - - "

Note the word "didn't" in that extract.


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