Kazaa Plus!!

  BLUELEN 23:26 21 May 2004

Kazaa Plus the paid for version states an ad-free/pop-up free programme. Does this mean that it it also would not install any spyware type applications as well? I ask as I have just run a NoAdware program and it has found many infected files/cookies of which some are directly related to the installation of the free version of Kazaa and if removed causes it not to work properly.
Will I be free of such parasites if I get the paid version or is that just wishful thinking?
Any advice would be much appreciated, as my girls wish to continue downloading their music whilst Dad would like to cleanse his machine!

  DAG88 23:32 21 May 2004

the installation of kazza plus may be spyware free but the files you download off it will be exactly the same - full of spyware.

  johnnyrocker 23:35 21 May 2004

wishful thinkin i feel, i think it installs something like brilliant, but in addition many files on the network are infected, (not least of all put there deliberately by the music/film industry)


  g0slp 00:25 22 May 2004


  ted bear 05:35 22 May 2004

dont use kazaar - too many bad files/viruses etc - better to use newsgroups if free movies/music/software is what u want. click here F.E. please delete this if its not legal or a cause for concern.

  Molded 09:31 22 May 2004

Regarding Kazaa and especially the Lite version - I and a few of my friends have used it for quite a while and the above comments [for music files] are rubbish!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:45 22 May 2004

Hmmmm, there is an open port that you have granted unlimited access to. What utter rubbish the above posts are. /eyes raise/


  keith-236785 11:53 22 May 2004

i have just sent you an e-mail containing a portion of a notepad file from the install of kazaa (from the program to remove it), kazaabegone

anyone wishing to remove kazaa fully should download "kazaabegone" (do a search on google) run and see what files are lurking on your system.

ANY P2P file sharing site will allow virus's and other nasties to be shared/spread, to protect yourself get a good virus checker (and update it regularly) and also a firewall both are available free via the internet so there are no excuses for anyone getting caught out by not having protection.

  Molded 13:45 22 May 2004

Yes GANDALF <|:-)>. I will agree on your point about an open port but the posts I refer to as rubbish [and still stand by it] are those of DAG88 and ted bear especially.

Further to paperman27's post I run both Zone Alarm Pro and AVG Pro and have had no problems with any spyware , malware or viruses in over 3gig of music downloads.

  DAG88 16:20 22 May 2004

It depends what type of files you download off it. In the past I have downloaded plenty of software that is not what it is called and plenty of videos that cause loads of porn websites to pop up that then try to install dialers and other rubbish on your computer. Also, it is easy for anyone to change a file extension so that people think they are downloading music when it could infact be a virus

  Dan the Confused 17:42 22 May 2004

Does uninstalling Kazaar and running 'Kazaar Spyware Remover' achieve the same as running KazaaBegone?

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