Kazaa & P2P networking & downloading music advice

  boo_hiss_boo 11:44 12 Sep 2004

Hi guys

I have recently helped my sister clean her pc of all nasties and updated her with all of the anti spyware & virus tools etc. When cleaning her machine there were P2P networking & Kazaa on there, which I uninstalled, as it seemed to be at the root of at least some of the problems.

Can anyone explain a little more about these things and let me know if I was over cautious in removing Kazaa? Their daughter, I believe, used Kazaa for downloading free music, can anyone also let me know of safe sites for downloading music for the web? (not necessarily free though, as I know this can bring problems in itself! and if I have to recommend to her that free music downloads are not the way to go, then so be it)

Many Thanks

  Dan the Confused 11:52 12 Sep 2004

P2P software contains all kinds of nasties and you are correct to remove it. Don't know any good sites to download music from, but only use legal ones (where you pay).

  bremner 11:54 12 Sep 2004

Coke Music click here


iTunes music store click here

To name two legal dowload sites.

  boo_hiss_boo 12:01 12 Sep 2004


thanks, I thought I was right in removing, but just wanted to check with the experts :o))

Bremner, I will let my sister know, gret stuff... thanks


  Kate B 13:13 12 Sep 2004

Win MX is a good p2p application that doesn't contain any nastyware, though you should of course use it in conjunction with the usual defences: firewall, AV, Spybot and Adaware.

click here

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