KaZaA Lite contains a trojan

  CurlyWhirly 20:51 02 Jul 2004

I am just writing this thread to warn people that KaZaA Lite used to be spyware free but now contains a trojan called Brilliant Digital which takes up bandwidth and when sending the spyware data back to it's server messes up your internet connection with either it disconnecting frequently or error messages like 'DNS server unreachable or unavailable'
Just type 'brilliant digital trojan horse' in Google for more info.
Having this trojan on my PC also let a virus called 'Exploit-CodeBase gen' which was a bugger to get rid of!
I guessed something was up when I downloaded what I thought was a genuine file but when attempting to run it a message came up on my screen saying that 'the program was in use' and also it meant that it couldn't be deleted either even in safe mode.
I have since decided to uninstall KaZaA Lite from my PC!

  Mikè 21:22 02 Jul 2004

Quelle surprise !

  CurlyWhirly 21:37 02 Jul 2004

Mike - Quelle?

  CurlyWhirly 21:48 02 Jul 2004

I got KaZaA Lite from click here
You are right in saying that it has been disabled
from search engine's results and I just happened to install it again a few days ago and I have had nothing but trouble with trojans and internet connection problems!
KaZaA Lite used to be spyware free but no more

  CurlyWhirly 21:51 02 Jul 2004

VoG - All I am saying is that I thought the Lite version was spyware free and to discover that it contains a trojan has put me off big time

  Robotic_Rob 02:44 03 Jul 2004

I have Kazza Lite V2.0.2.0 n they is a adware with that called Top Search. And as far as i know its caused me no problems as such. Although i do have a DSO Exploit but i dont know how to get rid of it or whats causin the prob. And it aint causing a problem yet.

  CurlyWhirly 18:57 04 Jul 2004

LEO 49 - it was from click here and under KaZaA Lite it was the very latest one right at the bottom of the list

  CurlyWhirly 19:01 04 Jul 2004

VoG - Yeah downloading files off P2P is not worth the risk and from now on I will not bother with any of them.
I am just waiting for legel sites like Napster to offer tracks at a REASONABLE price as I think that 99p for a song is a bit of a rip-off!

  CurlyWhirly 17:59 11 Jul 2004

My link used to work but the download has now been withdrawn for legal reasons!
It was version v2.4.3 (the latest one) but it DID have loads of spyware on it as when I run Pest Patrol it found numerous entries

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