Kazaa - Is it really that unsafe?

  Lisci 16:02 13 Apr 2003

Is file sharing using Kazaa really as unsafe as people say it is?

All the newsgroups and discussion forums, including on here, are full of dire warnings; that Kazaa is riddled with worms, trojans and viruses; that installing the software will fill your registry with malicious junk, while actually using it risks seriously trashing your system big-time.

Well, perhaps... but the truth is that I have been using Kazaa for a couple of months now with no apparent problems. I do, of course, have good av software which I updated at least once a week. I also have The Cleaner running to keep an eye out for any trojans which may try to seek in, and ZoneNet as my firewall. Maybe I've been incredibly lucky, but of several hundred downloads all have been as clean as a whistle.

If there is a downside, it is that Kazaa installs a few bit of adware. To my mind that is not a reasonable price to pay for what you get, and anyway the registry entries, etc are easily removed by running Adaware. I know that people also dislike Kazaa (quite rightly) because of all the child porn that is on there. But you don't have to download that stuff and anyway that is a different issue as to whether or not it will trash your system.

So come-on folks, what is the truth of the matter?
Is Kazaa just what it seems it is, a really great bit of software. Or am I being incredibly naive in welcoming-in a wolf in sheeps clothing.


  Offline 16:16 13 Apr 2003

The main reason that file sharing is frowned upon here is to do with the thieving copyright material issue. If you are happy thieving & stealing what others pay for that?s your choice but the law is against you, & without a doubt before long it will be enforced at least in the western world.

  leo49 16:25 13 Apr 2003

"To my mind that is not a reasonable price to pay for what you get" - I presume you meant UNreasonable else your sentence makes no sense.

That's the whole point - IF you use it to acquire copyright material then you are patently unwilling to pay a reasonable price.

  Terrahawk 16:31 13 Apr 2003

a bit of light reading
click here

  Ironman556 16:31 13 Apr 2003

"Kazaa installs a few bit of adware" - have you seen the hundred or so entires AdAware picks up on?

If you download software it's quite possible that someone's put registry entries in to trace you.

Even with a good AV it's likely virus' (virii?) can slip past, say a new one appeared tomorrow, your AV probably wouldn't be updated, and with the speed things go round kazaa it's possible you could get it too. (ok, so there's an argument that there's no difference with the rest of the intenet.)

I doubt it's actually Kazaa that's the problem, it's all the stuff that goes with it.

  961 16:34 13 Apr 2003

In answer to the original question

The answer is YES

  Joe McG 16:46 13 Apr 2003


did you know that you can download Kazaa lite, which is free of adware or spyware.

  Installer. 17:20 13 Apr 2003

"The main reason that file sharing is frowned upon here"

This recent PCA poll does not support this statement I'm afraid Offline. click here only 18% of the people that voted were against file sharing.

  Epirb406 17:28 13 Apr 2003

I am still not a Kazaa user, mostly due to warnings here but can anyone tell me before this thread gets locked, if Kazaa is any more frowned upon than Napster was?

Ta, Epirb.

  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 17:34 13 Apr 2003


if you must use p2p click here

no spyware! therefore no wrecking the comp
make sure you have a good antivirus!!!

  gingepaul 17:37 13 Apr 2003

file sharing is the biggest effort to stop the fat cat record bosses lining there pockets even more than they are, did u know that a cd costs 5pence to make, yet ur charged £15 plus for it, and the artist only sees about 15% of this.
i would love a sevrice that enabled me to download stuff[ ie music films ] legally, but there is none cos they wouldnt make as much money of that [simply when you buy a cd from a shop theres loads of people who make money from it, artist, record compan6y, cd producer, record shop, marketing guys] most is not nessesary cos i know what i like and cvan get it from kazaa, so why the hell should i pay for fancy packaging, adverts, RECORD BOSSES.
you think back to before cds were out, ur mate would buy a tape and then share it with everyone, then cds were out and we got used to the high quality offered, and everone wanted proper cds for quality, then the bosses get used to the money they didnt used to make, and spit there dummy out when somthing else comes out like file sharing, it windsa me upo no end cos they are the most disshonest people around trying to make others look bad. anyway kazaa lite comes with no adware and is reliable, just be carefull what u download cos i've heard that some companys are putting spoof files on there to deter everyone.
oh then theres the issue of extreme protection on certain cds that make it not play on pcs, what the hell are they thinking about.
i personally do buy a lot of cd's to play on my HOME ENTERTAINMENT EQUIPTMENT, ie hi fi, dvd player PC, and correct me if i'm wrong but a modern pc running windows xp [advertised itself as the home entertainment os] is an entertainment system, so i should be able to play whatever cd, dvd, vcd, i want without worrying about copy protection, and whats wrong with putting my music on my hdd, so i can easlily create playlists and dont damage my overpriced cd's.
anyway i could go on for ages but i'll leave it for u all to check out.

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