Kazaa and AOL

  Confab 10:53 28 Jul 2003

My brother is a heavy user of Kazaa Lite and his ISP is AOL Broadband. I would say he's been downloading various files practically 24/7 for the past year or so. I'm not one to judge, if that's what he wants to do then that's up to him.

He went to use his PC about four days ago and noticed that Kazaa was permanently connecting ie it wouldn't connect to the network. he has not been able to connect since. He's checked his firewall settings and all appears to be OK.

My question is - can AOL "block" his connection to the Kazaa network and has anyone experienced the same?

If I need to say to him it's your own fault, you've been blocked for downloading too much then so be it, but I need to find out first.


  -pops- 11:00 28 Jul 2003

"My question is - can AOL "block" his connection"

Have you asked AOL?

  Confab 11:07 28 Jul 2003

If I had then I wouldn't be posting here!! I'm not going to see him for three weeks, its not my pc, and I'm trying to do him a favour.

I just wanted to know if it is possible and if anyone else had experienced the same.


  soy 11:13 28 Jul 2003

Yeah it is possible.

My ISP, Force9, offer 2 broadband packages. One (cheaper package) doesn't permit p2p access and the other (standard) package does. I don't know how they do it but to answer your question, yes, they can do it!

  Confab 11:18 28 Jul 2003

Thanks soy. I'll get him to check with AOL.


  -pops- 12:04 28 Jul 2003

The definitive answer can only be given by AOL. Any answer you get here will be an opinion and not necessarily true.

That was the reason I asked the question

  Djohn 12:11 28 Jul 2003

My brother-in-Law does the same, and has been for the past three years that I know of. All this on 56k dial-up to AOL, He went B/B last week.

I too, for the sake of family harmony agree to disagree with what he does, and take it no further. He gets all his programs and Operating systems for free, I have to save hard for mine, he is in a well paid job, I'm on a low fixed income. Life can be difficult at times.

He has not received any warning or blocking from his ISP, though I have read in the AOL forum that they [AOL] are one of the ISP's agreeing to provide details to relevant authorities, if requested.

AOL allow the use of P2P programs because as you probably know, they are not illegal, just the use that some put them to. Regards. j.

  Confab 12:12 28 Jul 2003

Thanks -pops- for your "help" but I am well aware that the definitive answer can only be given by AOL and that any answer I get here will be an opinion and not necessarily true.

As I said before the reason for my post was to see if it was possible for AOL to block his P2P service and also to find out if anyone else had experienced the same.

I don't have any of his details he's not pc literate and I'm sure AOL will not speak to me about his account. Also I don't want to phone AOL and be charged a premium rate for the call.

I was just after opinions - nothing more :-)


  Djohn 12:21 28 Jul 2003

All calls to AOL are free, you could give them a call regarding opening an account, and ask them if they allow P2P use. TEL: 0800 376 5432. Regards. j.

  Confab 12:25 28 Jul 2003

Thanks Djohn - I'll give them a call now. Will post the reply.


  Confab 12:36 28 Jul 2003

Just spoken to "technical support" at AOL the reply was, "If you can set it up and it works then we support it but if it doesn't work then we don't support it."

I explaind a bit more about p2p and he said, "Oh you mean peer to peer, no we do not support that". He wouldn't say any more.

What "support" means I don't know. Does it mean p2p will not work or does it mean that they just don't offer and technical support for it?

I guess I'm back to sqaure one!!

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