Kazaa alternative?

  Viv-208691 13:48 06 Apr 2004

Could someone please recommend me alternative p2p software to kazaa please as it seems to be full of viruses???

Kind regards

  LeadingMNMs 13:57 06 Apr 2004

Issue 105 of the magazine mentions a few. I tried eMule but I never got it to actually download anything.

  MidgetMan 14:02 06 Apr 2004

mirc, bittorrent, brturbo, emule, grokster-- take your pick, and take your chances

  christmascracker 14:03 06 Apr 2004
  AbodeMilano 14:22 06 Apr 2004

ONe alternative is to actually buy the software,music,films you are downloading...........

  Viv-208691 14:29 06 Apr 2004

well i would buy it but what im after is not available. I have the original grand theft auto game but it doesnt run on xp and i tried to download the xp version from click here (the official site) but i think you have to live in the US to be able to download it. Obviously I would rather not download P2P software. Ideally I would like to download it from the site, has anyone in the UK managed to do this??


  Viv-208691 14:30 06 Apr 2004

sorry, i meant to post this link:click here , not the one in my last post

  johnnyrocker 14:37 06 Apr 2004

you could try shareaza which does not seem to have too many probs except a number of files are not what the purport to be.


  Key Bored 14:52 06 Apr 2004

I have only just downloaded the desktop from Kazza and don't like the thought of virus's. How can I get rid of the software safely?

Secondly does Kazza leave any spyware on my system?

Are the alternatives posted above any safer?

Many thanks

Key Bored

  Viv-208691 15:19 06 Apr 2004

key bored, if you go to click here and type in kazaa you will find downloadable program that supposedly gets rid of all the spyware etc

  Viv-208691 15:20 06 Apr 2004

Thanks crx1600 but I tried that and couldnt make it work. I only found a US adress box to fill in (zip code etc required). Did you fill it in with a UK adress??

Kind regards

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