Kazaa Alternative?

  sp1ke 15:26 20 Nov 2003

I was wondering if knew anything about WinMx, at the moment i'm looking for an alternative to kazaa and WinMx looks like it could be the best thing to take over from it, i dont want to download it if it had anyproblems with it. I know it doesn't have any spyware in it but i'm not sure if it has any bugs ot virus(es) in/with it. You could share your knowledge of WinMx with me or tell me of another programme/website that could replace Kazaa I would be very grateful.

thank you.

  Proxy Worm 15:46 20 Nov 2003

Downoloading copyright stuff is illegal- which most of winmx and Kazaa are full off, seriously no one will help you with any mention of Kazaa!

  Salinger 15:52 20 Nov 2003

Wanna bet that the 'usual suspects' won't jump right in before the thread gets locked?

  soy 15:59 20 Nov 2003

Morpheus: click here

Imesh: click here

It doesn't matter whether a program is bundled with spyware or not, you'll probably download some anyway!

  Cretin07 17:00 20 Nov 2003

Do not i repeat, do not download IMESH. Okay it works, but it is FULL of adware, spyware etc. makes your cpu go haywire, and your internet go bust. If you already have i suggest spybot to get rid of it.

  Flak999 17:02 20 Nov 2003

Kazaa lite doesnt have any spyware!

  Logov 18:35 20 Nov 2003

Flak's right about Kazaalite not having any spyware.

Don't use WinMX but have been told it is fairly limited.

  Terrahawk 18:43 20 Nov 2003

if its music you are after click here

  Flak999 10:31 21 Nov 2003

Kazaalite click here

same as ordinary Kazaa but no spyware or adware! Ive got adaware and spybot and spyware blaster, they all pass it as clean!

  MidgetMan 11:21 21 Nov 2003

try bit torrent, can be very slow to slow, then speeds up no end, no spyware etc

  MidgetMan 11:21 21 Nov 2003

sorry meant slow to start

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