catpike 18:20 30 Nov 2004

after installing sp2 i am unable to connect to kazaa ihave disabled the firewalls to no joy .thanks catpike

  Peverelli 19:40 30 Nov 2004

Which virus/trojan are you specifically trying to download? :-O

  User-312386 19:45 30 Nov 2004

why not just erase everything on your hard drive


Dont install kazaa and be safe

  oseven 19:47 30 Nov 2004

I agree withPeverelli .I have just spent a week completly re-installing everything on my computer after picking up a nasty from Kazza.
Run Kazzabegone and never go back.

  CurlyWhirly 19:53 30 Nov 2004

I too used to use p2p file sharing programs like KaZaA and the hassles I had with trojans, spyware & viruses made me NEVER want to go back.
I had to perform an XP repair as I couldn't get online anymore as Malware must have altered my internet settings.

Since doing this, however, while browsing these forums I noticed that VoG posted a link to a Winsock 'fix'.
If I had known this beforehand it would have saved me repairing XP.
Oh well we live and learn!
Finally since giving up P2P around a year ago I have had NO major problems with my PC and I would never go back!

I now buy my DVD's, CD's & PC games onlineto save money like for example click here

  mikef. 20:45 30 Nov 2004

Turn all your security settings down to minimum and you will be able to connect, true all the baddies will get in as well but as you have already tried connecting by switching of your firewall that doesn't seem important.

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