Kayak UA800

  User-8FD8C4BB-3941-4689-9A91DB1BAD0893F3 11:50 19 Dec 2003

Hello All
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

I have a Kayak UA800, but i am having trouble booting it up it keeps defaulting to the hard drive. I have changed the boot order to floppy and cdrom but nothing. When it goes straight to the hard drive an error appears :

"A Kernel file is missing from the disk. Insert a system diskette and restart the system"

Can you help !!



  GibsonSt19 13:53 19 Dec 2003

They might know where the Kernel is :) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

1. Could you please clarify what a Kayak UA800 is? I've done a search on google without one result!!!

2. Tell us what Operating system you have, and give us a bried rundown on system specs.

That should be enough to get us going for now!

they dont know he went missing a couple of weeks ago, but they found some of his suit in a bargain bucket

Its Windows NT, with scsi hard drive.


  GibsonSt19 14:13 19 Dec 2003

So it's a PC? or laptop?

I maybe wrong, but should it default to the hard drive? I think most PC's do.

yes it is a pc, but i changed the boot order to go to the floppy but it still went to the hard drive mate

  GibsonSt19 14:16 19 Dec 2003

Are you sure the floppy is a boot disk?

  GibsonSt19 14:16 19 Dec 2003

What I'd be tempted to do next is take a note of your current BIOS settings, then reset the BIOS and see where the thing boots from then.

win 98 boot disk

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