Kaspersky Tot/Sec 2015 photo card reader problem.

  platters 10:50 19 Apr 2015

I have installed Kaspersky Total Security 2015 anti-virus onto my PC ( Win7).Kaspersky will not now allow my PC to read my photo card reader -Belkin or Kingston card readers.I had no problems with Bitdefender or Norton with my card readers.I have tried 'settings - computer scan - do not scan' but these settings have had no effect at all.Both my Laptop and Desk Top both W7 have the same problem.Any advice please on how to resolve the card reader problem.

  northumbria61 11:26 20 Apr 2015

Check in your settings to see if it is blocked and try this -

Open Kapersky- Protection-Device Control-Settings-click Settings Button on the right of Enable Device Control option - make changes if necessary.

  platters 13:56 20 Apr 2015

Hi.Fraid your dealing with a novice here.I have opened KASP on Settings - Protection but I cannot find Device Control then Settings. I cannot find the Settings Button on the right of Enable Device Control either.

  northumbria61 19:12 20 Apr 2015

Sorry - I don't use Kaspersky but was hoping to help. Is there an Application Control?

There may be something in this LINK

  northumbria61 19:20 20 Apr 2015

Kaspersky Access Control & Device Control

Not your version but I would have thought there may be something similar in 2015.


  northumbria61 19:24 20 Apr 2015

If nothing to help in those previous links I would wait to see if anyone using Kaspersky can help or may contact Kaspersky Support

  platters 09:28 21 Apr 2015

Thanks everybody. I'm going back to Bitdefender - less hastle.At least my card readers work. You would think that Kaspersky would have sorted out this problem years ago.Apparently this has been a problem for a number of years now and they have ignored it. Thanks again.

  northumbria61 18:46 21 Apr 2015

platters - thanks for the feedback.

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