Kaspersky Internet Security - Why is the 3 user version often cheaper?

  Sizzers 10:28 21 Jan 2013

I’m curious as to why the 3 user version is cheaper than the 1 user version.

I’ve noticed that very often they are either the same price, or in some instances noticeably cheaper (I’ve just seen the 3 user version at £15 less at my local Staples than the 1 user version right next to it!) Is there a catch?

  Woolwell 10:56 21 Jan 2013

It is worthwhile shopping around but make sure that you are comparing the same product eg 2012 or 2013, or Antivirus or Security Suite. There is no catch as far as I am aware.

BTW Amazon may well be cheaper.

  Sizzers 11:07 21 Jan 2013

No - I wasn’t specifically looking for it, mind, I just happened to notice it.

I do have to renew my Kaspersky soon, though, so can you actually use the 3 user version for just one PC?, or does it have to be loaded on to three PC’s for it to operate. Would seem bizarre if you could as what would be the point of them offering the one user version??? (they were both the 2013 Internet Security releases).

  Woolwell 12:08 21 Jan 2013

I have the three user version (free through Barclays). At one time I had it installed on one pc only but have added my laptop so only 2 out of the three. It is a maximum of 3. I think that Jock1e may be breaking the EULA which refers to you as the user.

  Woolwell 12:12 21 Jan 2013

I'll retract slightly from my previous post as it states on the box 3 users not 3 pc's. The EULA is not clear about this.

  Sizzers 12:15 21 Jan 2013

That’s cool, and thanks.

Still doesn’t make sense why the 3 user version is usually the same price and very often cheaper than the one user version, though. Guess they must think people with only one PC are gullible! Thanks again.

  Woolwell 12:22 21 Jan 2013

All the installations of the software have the same expiry date. If you install on one a month later they end up with the first date. If you renew too early this also affects the licence dates.

  Sizzers 12:24 21 Jan 2013

I only want it for the one PC hence the question.

  Woolwell 12:28 21 Jan 2013

No problem with just one PC.

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