Kaspersky Internet Security - some questions

  Pineman100 18:50 10 Jul 2008

I run Windows XP Home.

I have just switched from using Norton 360 to Kaspersky Internet Security - largely on the strength of the good reports I've read in PCA and on this forum.

However, there are a couple of things that I don't quite understand, and I wonder whether any experienced users of this software can advise me, please.

1. For the first few days after installation, Kaspersky operated a POP3 mailbox checking routine. Whenever I opened Outlook 2000 to check my POP3 mailbox, Kaspersky would present me with a preview list of the emails waiting in my mailbox on my ISP's (Tiscali) server. I was then able to delete spam emails from the mailbox without downloading them, and allow the non-spam to download normally. A brilliant function!

However, this has now stopped working (seemingly without any instruction from me to do so), and although I've trawled through all the Kaspersky settings, I can't seem to find how to switch it on again. Can anyone help, please?

2. I have the firewall filtration system set to Training Mode, so that it learns what I do and/or do not want to allow into or out of my computer. Does anyone have any suggestions how long I should leave it in this mode, before returning it to automatic operation?

I'll be very grateful for any advice. Thank you.

  mfletch 19:01 10 Jul 2008

Open outlook and you will see Kaspersky;s spam/ Not spam/ settings

Click on settings then click on change settings under status

Then put a check in

Open mail dispatcher when receiving email {apply}


  Pineman100 19:12 10 Jul 2008

In Outlook I can see the two Kaspersky buttons just below the standard Outlook toolbar: they're marked Spam and Not Spam (with red and green envelopes), but I can't see any reference to their settings.

How do I get to that function, please?

  mfletch 19:37 10 Jul 2008

It should be next to those but?

Right click on your kaspersky's icon and click on settings,

Then click on Anti spam then put a check in the open mail dispatcher when receiving email



  Pineman100 17:06 11 Jul 2008

Strangely, I have nothing next to the spam and not-spam buttons.

However, I followed your instructions to activate the open mail dispatcher, and you're right - the box was unchecked. Don't know why, because I didn't uncheck it!

However, I've now checked it and I guess that should solve the problem.

Thank you very much for your help, mfletch. Much appreciated.

  mike40 10:21 03 Dec 2008

Hi all
I have suddenly started getting the following message when opening Internet explorer. Internet Security 2009. Access denied. The requested URL could not be retrieved. While trying to retrieve the URL. click here The following error was encountered: Access to the requested object is denied. It does not list any error. Any ideas please.

  mike40 10:31 03 Dec 2008

sorry posted in wrong place

  susena 18:20 03 Jan 2009

how can ? take kaspersky activation code? this cant be. help!!

  Pineman100 19:06 05 Jan 2009

I have no idea what your question means, but you'd be much better off starting your own thread.

And you might get some better answers if you try to make your question clearer.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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