kaspersky internet security 2009 - anything else?

  pookie 14:02 24 Jan 2009


Windows xp home with sp3.

I have Kaspersky 2009. Do I need anything like superantispyware, adaware etc on top?



  zoidberg 14:08 24 Jan 2009

i just use comodo firewall and avast 4.8 antivirus and never had any problems.both free click here

  ambra4 14:12 24 Jan 2009

Install SpywareBlaster and keep updated

click here

SpywareBlaster is a prevention program, unlike most anti-spyware programs which utilize a

"Removal" approach after your system is already infected.

SpywareBlaster effectively prevents ActiveX-based spyware, dialers, browser-hijackers and

other Malware or potentially unwanted programs from ever installing on your system in the first


Many users employ a multi-layered "prevent and remove" strategy by using anti-spyware

removal utilities in combination with SpywareBlaster protection

I would also suggest you download update and run the following programs

a-squared Free 4.0

click here

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

click here

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

click here

  RickyC :-) 14:47 24 Jan 2009

No, I don't believe you need additional security applications. I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 protecting one of my PCs - on its own. Another has PC Tools Internet Security 2009 - again, on its own. On this laptop I just have Windows Live OneCare - again, on its own.
Each of these (as well as BitDefender, Symantec [Norton], McAfee, etc.) all include antivirus, antispyware and firewall features - so I see no reason to burden your system with unnecessary software.

Hope that helps


Software Editor

  birdface 15:52 24 Jan 2009

No One security suite will stop everything.How many times have you heard I have such and such of a security suite and still got infected.Of course the choice is yours.I find when opening new web pages that you may get attacked by unknown spyware.And if your Security suite does not catch it what does.Always better to be in the safe side and have another couple of security programs just to be in the safe side.
I will bet that there are not many helpers on here that have not been attacked by Trojans and Virus's while searching for fixes to help others,I can only assume that the Software Ed does not have to go into as many sites as others and therefore he is quite happy with what he has.It's bad out there and getting worse so to me every bit of help is welcome.
Like always everybody has different ideas and just use what you think should give your self full protection whether that is possible nowadays I don't know.

  Pineman100 17:32 24 Jan 2009

I'm sure buteman won't mind if I just clarify one point, relating to his post.

Don't try and run more than one antivirus, or firewall, or internet security suite, at the same time. This can cause conflict problems.

  RickyC :-) 09:56 26 Jan 2009

Perhaps I could have made my point clearer - I agree wholeheartedly with Pineman100 that users shouldn't install more than one Internet Security suite on their system. So if you have KIS 2009, then you don't need an additional AV or Firewall or Anti-spam application.

I personally wouldn't encourage any user to install SpywareBlaster, A-Squared, SuperAntiSpyware and the MalwareBytes applications on their PC in addition to KIS2009. I think that may be taking things too far.

I do have Spybot S&D running on one of the systems (the laptop with Windows Live OneCare - I didn't want to leave *all* my defence to Microsoft), but this hasn't discovered anything in the 6 months I've been running Live OneCare.

I use CCleaner once or twice each month, mostly to remove bits and pieces left over after test-installing software for the magazine.

kind regards

Software Editor

  rawprawn 11:16 26 Jan 2009

I run Kaspersky 2009, and I agree whole heartedly with ambra4 because what he suggests is exactly what I run on my machine, and I have no problems at all.

  ventanas 11:37 26 Jan 2009

"I personally wouldn't encourage any user to install SpywareBlaster, A-Squared, SuperAntiSpyware and the MalwareBytes applications on their PC in addition to KIS2009."
That's exactly what I've done, on all four of my home computers. A-Squared is the free version, the others paid for.
I don't see anything wrong with that, and nothing clashes.
All down to personal preferences really.

  birdface 11:50 26 Jan 2009

This is where we all have different ideas of what is best,I personally don't use Spybot or Windows live one care.Spybot used to be a good program but others have overtaken it.Nowadays we have lots more choices.Windows Live One care I have never liked and to me does not have a great reputation.I would imagine if put to the vote 50% of folk that use it like it and the other 50% don't and have removed it.It is a matter of choice Like I said I am not keen on your choices and I suppose that you would be the same with mine.We use what we think is right and if we do pick up a nastie we know our choices were wrong.So at the moment both of our selections are doing what we expected from them and long may it continue.You may have a little problem with Windows Live One Care as they are supposed to be stopping it in June and running a free program instead.It is always nice to hear others opinions and update our security to those recommended by others.I really never had much of a clue about security programs until using this Site years ago.And basically you learn something new almost every day.Its a bit like I use AVG and others use Avast.They will say Avast is the best,I will say AVG.But others watching will say they must be good programs we will use one of those.Ranting a bit here but what I am trying to say is some will like the programs that you have and some will not.it is up to individual choice.I use 3 out of the 4 choices that ambra4 gave and I can see your point[I see no reason to burden your system with unnecessary software.]You are perfectly correct.I do find it slows my computer down a bit.But I work on the Theory that it is better to be safe than sorry.I wonder if put to a vote how many would use your programs and how many would use ambra4's programs.I would favor ambra4 to win the vote but it would probably be close.

  ambra4 14:06 26 Jan 2009

Software Ed

I appreciate your view but if you been in the computer repairs business as long I have, even before

anyone heard about Windows and working for a multi national company worldwide, you would have a

difference position about installing other spyware and malware software

I have installed and use all of the so call Anti-Virus Software Suites most is total useless when it

come to preventing virus, malware, Trojans, worms etc being installed on a computer or removing

them until a new update is issued

If you have ever spent 4 days (16 hours days) trying to removal a virus on a large main frame computer

and you had to do a total new reinstall (No System Restore in those days) before 1500 users can use

the system you would understand about effectively “Prevention Software”

As buteman said “It's bad out there and getting worse”

You know the old people saying “ It better to be safe than sorry”

If Microsoft One Care is so good why would MS kills off One Care

click here

New Virus

The number of desktops and servers infected by the Downadup worm (also known as Conficker) has

skyrocketed to nearly nine million, according to security firm F-Secure it is a large family of network

worms. They are unusually difficult to remove, especially in case of an internal infection inside a


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