Kaspersky and detected threats

  exdragon 16:30 15 Apr 2009

Hi, I've just bought a new laptop and have installed KIS 2009. A full scan has thrown up 5 threats which range from Moderately Dangerous (a pre-installed Bookworm game) to Very dangerous (includes 2 Adobe AIR and Macromedia Flash) to Highly Dangerous (Adobe Reader 9)

Do I panic yet, delete the programmes or just delete the items from the Detected Threats list please?

  mfletch 16:38 15 Apr 2009

Are these under vulnerabilities if yes follow the link and it will tel you to download and install the latest versions,

I always get a warning about Adobe

  exdragon 16:41 15 Apr 2009

Thanks - yes, they are. I'll give it a go.

  rawprawn 16:42 15 Apr 2009

If you know all these programs are safe go to Kaspersky Settings> Threats and Exclusions> Trusted Zone> and Add them to Trusted Applications

  exdragon 17:58 15 Apr 2009

Thank you - I can't see why Adobe should be highly dangerous!

  wiz-king 18:07 15 Apr 2009

Unfortunately - it is used by a lot of new threats and need patching regularly.

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