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  only me 12:42 14 Sep 2003

help if you can i bought a anti virus from Times comp, to load on to my times xp comp but in the mean time i downloaded nav 2003, so put on other comp i have also a xp home, got a page saying it was out of date after 2 days of having it on ,also i couldnt get to isp page could not be displayed so i thought it must be kaspersky i went add/remove, but got a large square saying kaspersky is out of date, i manage to kill it off by r/ click, whent to msconfig , and took it out, also add/ remove. But it now comes up cant find programe or somethink like that, i have been in touch with kaspersky but, they want product number, but kas comes in blocking me so cant it so how do i get rid of it

  Jester2K II 12:53 14 Sep 2003

"But it now comes up cant find programe or somethink like that"

What does it actually say exactly and when does it say it?

  only me 14:18 14 Sep 2003

i will start other comp and write down what it says

  only me 15:12 14 Sep 2003

right i am back, i thought prob was sorted, as went to settings which failed, couldnt do anything, so pressed, ctrl, alt, delete, got device manager, closed it, tried again, got control panel, then went to run, msconfig found KAV monitor service, Unticked it, applied ,restart, no prob, so plugged in B/Band connection tried to access web got this on screen
KAV Script Checker
Cannot load libary for language `j script` Path:`c:\Program Files\Common files\Symantec Shared\Script Blocking\scrauth.dll"
Please contact Kaspersky Lab for when i did they want product number which i dont know how to find

  only me 09:27 17 Sep 2003


  Jester2K II 09:44 17 Sep 2003

You need to be a bit clearer with whats going on with which PC.

Can you clarify what you did EXACTLY to each PC?

If you have removed Norton AV from one of the PCs make sure all traces are gone by using RNAV - click here

  only me 09:51 18 Sep 2003

ok jester2K11
i have taken a print out of your click, i am using wife`comp at the moment to get in touch, but what i did on mine was to put KASPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS on it, but as i had tried to put norton 2003 on which it didnt reconise? i unistalled it using their uninstall progam, then i installed KASPERSKY. As i only have 1B/Band connection i couldnt get back on for a while, but when i did i got a big logo covering my screen, so i couldnt get to services ie;shut down, but found out by R/click i could get rid of it, but it still comes up so all i want to do is to take it off my comp. As i bought KASPERSKY cd TIMES they are going to get it back with a few choice words from me, so could you please tell me how to get rid of it completely

  Jester2K II 10:12 18 Sep 2003

Whos? Norton / Symantec?

"rid of it completely " Norton or KAV??

To remove Norton completely use the usuall method and then the program RNAV.exe in the link i gave above.

To remove KAV usual method, Comtrol Panel, Add / Remove Programs..

  only me 10:29 18 Sep 2003

Hi Jester2K11
i have removed norton as per normal went to add remove for KAV and removed it but it still seems to be there as when i try to log to web it tells me "see postings" sun 14/09/03

  only me 09:49 20 Sep 2003

Hi peeps
there seems to be no new response, to my question on fully removing KASPERSKY from my other comp, and as i am going on Hol; for 2 weeks i will not be able to reply till 7/10/03 so i hope some kind person will have come up with something by then?
thanks, Don

  Bucko1 11:15 20 Sep 2003

Ad aware threw up the following two registry entries which are listed as DATA MINERS and are to do with microsoft media player.

Presumably it is some type of spyware put in by microsoft.

Is it safe to let ad aware delete them or should I leave them alone?


it is described as - "Media Player Unique ID"

Thanks for any advice

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