Kaspersky Activation Problem

  ponytail 12:17 04 Feb 2012

I have just purchased Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 version and am trying to activate it the problem is the activation code contains two symbols which are not on the keyboard.I have never sen these symbols before so not sure what to do.At present I have no anti virus as what I did have had to be removed to install Kaspersky any ideas.Thank's

  Woolwell 14:02 04 Feb 2012

There activation code is normally a mixture of letters and numbers. Suggest you contact Kaspersky.

  Woolwell 14:03 04 Feb 2012

Open character map on your system and see if you can see these symbols. I suspect that the e-mail that you have received may be corrupt.

  ponytail 14:29 04 Feb 2012

Hi Woolwell when you the enmail I received might be corrupt I have not had a email the activation code is printed on the quick start guide in the box.How do I open character map have not used that before.

  Woolwell 14:32 04 Feb 2012

All Programs - Accessories - System Tools for character map.

Haven't bought Kaspersky for a while as I get it free with online banking and I get an e-mail for activation.

  ponytail 14:33 04 Feb 2012

Hi Again Woolwell have just found the following. http://www.nomorehistory.com/character_map.html but when I go into accessories there is no character map there

  Woolwell 14:42 04 Feb 2012

See my previous post.

  ponytail 14:53 04 Feb 2012

Found character map it was in system tools in accessories and have found a symbol very similar but not sure if it is the right one.Cannot work out how to get it into the activation box.Have clicked select and then copy but seem unable to get it to paste any more ideas.Thanks

  Woolwell 14:55 04 Feb 2012

CTRL-V should paste the symbol.

  [email protected] 15:51 04 Feb 2012

I find it unlikely that they'd use such a character in the activation code. Are you sure you're looking at the right code and it's not just a letter with some ink missing?

Perhaps you could take a photo of the offending character and show us, but if you do make sure you blank out most of the code so that others can't steal your license!

  ponytail 16:12 04 Feb 2012

[email protected] What is the best way of getting a photo for you maybe scan it perhaps

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