Kapersky finding threats that AVG did not.

  Sparkly 09:42 24 Sep 2008

Hi again after installing Kapersky yesterday i did a full system scan and its now telling me my PC is at risk after finding a number of threats, i have looked at them and pretty sure they are ok.here is the list.
Type Vulnerablity
C:\Programe Files\Common Files\AOL\Flash.ocx
C:\Programe Files\CramMaster\Flash.ocx
C:\Programe Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\java.exe
C:\Programe Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver8\config\plugins\NPSWF32.dll all of the above listed as Dangerous.
All of these to me seem safe how do i stop kapersky listing these as dangerous? sorry if this is simple but this is the first time i have used Kapersky.

Type Trogen Programe
C:\Recyclers and a long string of numbers, and i am unable to find them. Any help would be welcomed.

  johndrew 10:11 24 Sep 2008

For your .ocx files click here

But if you look at the names you will also get a clue. The C:\1386 is likely to be your Windows, AOL your ISP, CramMaster click here, Java you may recognise click here, Dream Weaver click here.

In common with most AV programs Kaspersky is not perfect and will pick up innocent software if it "looks" like a virus. You may well find information in places like click here that will help you to decide in the future.

Hope all this helps.

  Sparkly 11:11 24 Sep 2008

johndrew thanks for the reply i new that they were all pretty innocent i.e crammaster i use for my colledge work and dreamweaver and the others were self explanitry just a matter of finding how to stop it giving me "false positives" i think is the wording just downloaded a PDF of the help files hopefully i will find the answer there.
Many thanks.
PS any idea about the recyclers it found?

  smokingbeagle 11:46 24 Sep 2008

KIS will list vulnerabilities where any component is not up to date.

Update them.

The Java folder in Program files retains the previous versions in subfolders. I have deleted the previous verion folders without any follow-on problems.

  Sparkly 11:49 24 Sep 2008

OK smokingbeagle thanks will give that a try also.

  brundle 12:05 24 Sep 2008

You have old versions of flash and Java - there are known vulnerabilities associated with both. Get rid of left-over Java elements with this, click here and uninstall old versions of FlashPlayer with this; click here

Get latest versions here (two versions of Flash, one for IE and one for Firefox) click here

  brundle 12:06 24 Sep 2008

Remove any version of Java previous to 1607 using Add/Remove Programs and install the latest.

  Sparkly 12:10 24 Sep 2008

Hi brundle will do thanks.

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