kaaza/mp3 files

  muchocho 16:10 11 Jul 2004

I uninstalled Kaaza from my Pc,but could not find some of the mp3 files on my shared folder and my music folder,hence am unable to play back on media player.I've re-installed Kaaza, but all the mp3 files on the 'my kaaza' slot have vanished.
any ideas, on how i can retrieve my music/mp3 files from my pc,or find them,I know they are in there somewhere.
thanks.help would be greatly appreciated

  son-of-a-gun 16:17 11 Jul 2004

You could try Virgin, or Our Price

  johnnyrocker 16:22 11 Jul 2004

or even hmv


  CurlyWhirly 16:26 11 Jul 2004


It is not for me to judge whether you use P2P networks but did you know that you are at real risk of getting a virus, trojan or other malware from these networks?
I used to use KaZaA Lite until I downloaded what I thought was an MP3 and it turned out to be a keylogger trojan called keylog-briss.
I also had a 'brilliant digital' trojan installed on my PC and I have given up using P2P altogether though I will not use paid for services like Napster as in my humble opinion they are too expensive at £1.09 a song.
Instead I use cheap websites like Play.com
As regards your question when you uninstalled KaZaA you probably uninstalled the 'my shared folder' as well as the same thing happened to me when I uninstalled KaZaA Lite around a month ago - I lost all my downloads as what I should have done was to move them from this folder to other folders like 'My music', 'My pictures' and 'My videos'!

  Belatucadrus 17:04 11 Jul 2004

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