Kaazaa lite or Grokster

  Happyrock 12:26 25 Jan 2003

Has anyone got any opinions on these progs. Should Iuse them or not?. Thanks for any advice.

  Djohn 12:29 25 Jan 2003

Not sure, as I don't use them, but there are some on the cover disk of this months magazine issue, (March), so you could have a look at them from there.

  Elrond 12:31 25 Jan 2003

Touchy subject and brings a massive debate. By all means use them to transfer and download non-copyrighted material.

  obbit 12:37 25 Jan 2003

Hi Happyrock..........if you do you will get spyware with the download of the program kazaa or grokster so get the free spyware progs

spybot click here

ad-aware click here

using kazaa or grokster puts you on dodgy ground if you download copyright files. you can use both of them if you wish. up to you.



  tran1 12:39 25 Jan 2003

kazaa lite is much better than grokster.

  Happyrock 13:17 25 Jan 2003

Djohn. Elrond.obbit. Tran. You have all been a help, and it seems it is very much a case of what my concience dictates to me. I did once look at Kaazaa for my son in law but took it out immediately when i heard some reports about it.As you say tran1 Kaazaa lite seems to be a bit safer than the earlier version. I will consider this issue as resolved. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts. This is a great forum and a lot of help to beginners to computing, keep up the good work.

  Djohn 13:27 25 Jan 2003

Happyrock, You are more than welcome, I am under the impression that these programs are not only legal, but are of great benefit to many people.

The problem comes with any music or programs that are copy-write, then it is definitely against the law to download such without the permission of the holder of same. There is however a great deal of music /programs/files that are free and legal to download. Regards J.

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