k8v promise raid setup

  gingepaul 17:02 07 May 2005

hi there, i am currently trying to set up a friends pc with 2 maxtor sata 120 GB drives in a raid 0 array.
i have made a floppy disk from the downloaded driver package ( used the makedisk file )

then i plugged the drives into the correct controller ports, and enabled the promise controller in the bios, booted the system and configured the drives in a raid 0 array.

next ive booted the system from the winxp cd rom, selected load additional scsi or mass storage drivers ( pressed f6 when prompted ) and carried on, then selected the promise controller and its loaded ok from floppy ( or looks to have ).
the problem is once ive created a partition, formatted and chosen to install on the partition i get an error saying setup cannot load the fasttx2k.sys, ptipbnf.dll, fasttx2k.inf, fasttx2k.cat.

i have looked on the floppy disk and these files exist in a subfolder ( one subfolder each for 9x/nt/2000/xp ) but cant work out why windows setup cant use them, the files must be being used for me to be able to see the disk's as a partition, but fails to copy them to the partition when copying files starts.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated, im the mean time i'm off to try and solve it with the help of google. cheers :)

  gingepaul 10:24 08 May 2005

sorted it. The problem was i was installing from an xp disk with sp2 slipstreamed and an answer file created from the original cd.
the disk works fine under normal installation, as i installed it on a virtual machine, must be a conflict with either sp2 slipstreamed or the answer file., and the raid drivers.

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