k8v-mx replacement problems

  teewhy 08:57 16 Apr 2008

My desktop go die. The guys I asked diagnosed a PSU failure and it took the motherboard with it. When asked they said the CPU, memory etc was all okay but couldn't fix the problem 'cos the board was discontinued. They offered a new board, dual core CPU etc but this was to cost over £250 so I've gone the route described below.
I've sourced a new board with the same chipset (Yup, new not used) and a new & slightly better PSU. Up from 300W to 450W.
The board & PSU have been fitted, using the same CPU, memory etc. All the jumpers are as the old board, clear CMOS, Keyboard etc. All cables etc are where they should be.
Plug it in and the SB_PWR LED comes on but pressing the power on button has no effect. No fans start, nothing.
Any ideas?
Could it be the CPU after all? Where would I get one anyway?
Suggestions please.
Thanks in advance.

  Gongoozler 09:48 16 Apr 2008

Hi teewhy. You haven't told us what the motherboard or CPU are, so it's difficult to give a specific answer. Whoever it was that told you that the CPU, memory etc were OK was really rather jumping to conclusions, as without testing the parts in an otherwise good setup it's virtually impossible to be certain. I don't know how much you've spent so far, but in a situation like this, I would be inclined to buy a motherboard bundle from Novatech. This consists of a motherboard, CPU and memory all assembled and tested. click here.

If your Windows installation was oem, you might have problems with the installation because oem Windows is locked to the computer it was installed on, and with a new motherboard and CPU you will effectively have a new computer. If you phone Microsoft they might look sympathetically on you and revalidate your Windows. The other problem you might find is that some Windows installations are BIOS locked, and will only work with the computer manufacturers BIOS.

  Gongoozler 10:11 16 Apr 2008

Sorry teewhy. You did tell us what the motherboard was in the title. One of these processors might do what you want click here, or try the new motherboard bundle route I suggested.

  teewhy 10:13 16 Apr 2008

Hi Gongoozler
The motherboard is the Asus k8v-mx with the AMD Athlon 64. 1 Gb mem and an nVidia 6200 graphics, not the greatest or highest of spec for sure but it does (or did) what was bid. It was the guys at the local computer shop the said the bits were okay, I presume they did have some test rig.
As for windows, if the board etc are all the same thenthe original setup should work, or so I was told. It is an oem installation but the board has been renewed once already
Spent so far; 30 on the board + 15 for the supply.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

  teewhy 16:12 16 Apr 2008

One simple question
Would a duff CPU prevent the fans etc starting?

  Gongoozler 16:52 16 Apr 2008

Hi teewhy. I don't think so unless the CPU is short circuit and causing the PSU to self protect. All the fans need is 12V from the PSU. The PSU starting up is controlled via the motherboard. If your PSU fan isn't even running, then the PSU itself isn't powering up. You have checked that mains power is getting to the PSU, you can force the PSU into powering up as explained here click here

  teewhy 10:57 17 Apr 2008

Hi Gongoozler
Tried to fire up the PSU as your link suggested, nothing happening. There are no hidden switches at the back, some power must be getting through otherwise the SB_PWR LED wouldn't be on. No voltage at any of the disc drive connectors either. Next trick might be to go for the new CPU via the link you sent me.

  Gongoozler 15:23 17 Apr 2008

The SP_PWR LED is indicating that there is standby 5V applied to the motherboard, so the PSU is working that far, but if the PSU won't even power it's own fan when you apply the link. then the PSU might well be faulty although some PSU's won't power up without a minimum load. It's difficult to simulate a load without a PSU tester such as here click here

  teewhy 20:43 20 Apr 2008

Hi There Gongoozler
Many thanks for the help.
The situation is now fixed. New board + supply as before. Tried a new CPU and then bought that PSU checking device. Still no go.
Decided to have a good look at where the boys in the shop reconnected the power switch cable to, it looked good but was on the wrong pins (the system panel connector in the bottom corner) Bravely tried a position that I thought was right and all went swimmingly. Had to reactivate XP online but that was the easy part
Again, many thanks for your help. I shall certainly recommend this site to others if they get stuck.

Cheers teewhy

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