k8upgrade nf3 - no video on post

  adetorry 21:43 19 Jan 2006

just got this board with a sempron 754 to build a pc for a friend - however when i power on get fan, psu & the drives spin but no video ie no post on the screen

also the keyboard doesnt light up - but it does briefly when i plug it in

ive tried a couple of cards i have spare & numerous pci cards but nada

the card i was given for the graphics is a powercolor 9250

ive set the mobo up off the case, put just various combinations of no ram, floppy, mouse, hdd etc

ive cleared the cmos

the psu has a 12v connecter which i have alternated in and out

anyone ideas?

  Totally-braindead 21:46 19 Jan 2006

Have a look at the bottom of this click here it says if the FSB is not set properly it won't boot.

  adetorry 22:23 19 Jan 2006

the links are for the k8 upgrade 760gx (mine is the nf3 (and i cant see anything to even start loading windows ;))
and b) for fsb settings on the k7 series not k8 - theres nothing anywhere to indicate settings for the cpu until you get to bios (which i cant see)

just tried a different psu - one that is running this machine ie, 3 120gb hdds, 3fans, capture card, fireware card, external dvd writer, internal cd&dvd writer, athlon 2600, and the powercolor 9250 i want to use in this new board, so it cant be a power issue (and i now know the graphics card works)

ive built a number of machines but this is the first time ive strayed away from asus (although i think that asrock are asus´ budget range?)

  Totally-braindead 22:34 19 Jan 2006

I believe you are right I did read somewhere that Asrock are made by Asus. I've only built one PC using an Asrock board, that was some time ago and it was fine. I downloaded the manual but couldn't see any help there. Have you connected the PC speaker to see if theres any beeps to resolve the problem?

  adetorry 22:43 19 Jan 2006

just been doing that - if ai put the dimm in the "2nd" slot i get a constant beep every second but figured thats not the issue, however now i´ve put it back in the 1st slot i get a single beep on power on which looks like a ram issue - but its supposed to be brand new (its a 512 ddr400 - which is supposed to be compatible...)

powering off this machine to test the ram.....

  Skyver 22:46 19 Jan 2006

I thought a single beep meant POST tests A-OK? Or does it happen immediately on switch-on?

  adetorry 22:54 19 Jan 2006

it happens immediately on switch on - ram is ok - its now in this machine

  Skyver 22:55 19 Jan 2006

Oh I see. From the few blown CPU's I've seen a beep is a good sign, in that the mobo and CPU are OK. Do you get other beep-patterns if you remove the video card?

  adetorry 23:19 19 Jan 2006

no, just the single beep - the thing also is that i dont get any lights on the keyboard on startup - only if i take k,board in and out

at this moment in time i´m ready to junk this heap of crap and get another board, as i know that individually all the components work now except for the cpu & mobo

  Skyver 23:21 19 Jan 2006

Keyboard lights are good indication too.Sounds frustrating, I agree - new board, if the CPU was no good you wouldn't get any activity at all.

  adetorry 00:21 20 Jan 2006

cheers, 2nd opinions etc - final temp solution has been to dig out a friends p4 mobo that i upgraded for them - ooh look it works...

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