K800i mobile not being found on PC...

  theons100 20:48 16 Jan 2007


Just got anew Sony Ericsson mobile phone and have loaded the software onto the PC and connected using the USB lead.
The PC recognises and opens the software to transfer all the stuff to and from the PC and also recognises the fact that the phone is attached but as soon as I try to move stuff to the internal memory stick it says that I have not attached a memory stick!!!

I know other peeps who have this phone and they have no probs...anyone know what I am talking about or have an answer???

Cheers in advance..

  kev-a 20:56 16 Jan 2007

This may be worth a look...I always Google a problem first as theres usually someone out there thats had or having the same problem and may no of the cure :))

click here

  theons100 21:05 16 Jan 2007

Thanks for that.
The problem is that I don't have a memory stick only the phones memory.
(Sorry to cause confusion in my first post)
Any ideas on how to find the phones memory?

  lisa02 21:18 16 Jan 2007

I have the W810i and I find the software/cable a pain in the neck and slow.

Recommend Bluetooth or card reader...

What happened to your memory stick? You get one free usually.

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