K7VZA turns itself on at mignight? Help!

  The honeymonster! 14:43 04 Feb 2003

Hi all. I have a ECS K7VZA socket A mainboard, that starts my PC at midnight ( it's clock and always at midnight, no other times ). I have been though the bios and can't find anything apparent. I have turned any and all wake-up events to disabled, but the problem remains.

I now turn the machine off at the mains, although this is awkward, due to where the socket is situated behind my desk.If I could just get it to behave it would be great :)


  Djohn 15:02 04 Feb 2003

If it's not a setting in the BIOS that as been altered, then one of your programs is instructing the PC to switch on at midnight, most likely Office. Your Motherboard is still receiving power to enable this to happen unless you switch off at the plug. (This function is correct). J.

  €dstow 15:05 04 Feb 2003

Isn't there a mains switch on the back of the machine attached to the power supply unit?


  The honeymonster! 15:20 04 Feb 2003

Thanks, I'll check out the programs. BTW there is no off switch on the psu :( ( cheap case! )

  Djohn 15:30 04 Feb 2003

The honeymonster! there isn't one on my PSU either and it is an expensive one. I think this is due to the newer M/Boards always having power supplied to them, so that they can be utilised by programs and keyboards to switch on even though they are off.

Doesn't sound quite right, the way I have put it! I think of it as when you switch off your PC via the software of windows, then it closes down windows but leaves your PC in stand-by.

You will notice that if you have the NUM lock on then when you power down the light for this stays on. Regards. J

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