K7S6A MB want fit a AMD ATHLON XP2600+ 333MHz FSB

  Craigmave 03:31 26 Aug 2003

Is this a good idea ? There has been a price drop on Ebuyer, want to pounce on the oportunity. My spec is. K7S6A MB 2 x 256MB PC2100 + 1 x 128MB PC2100 mem AMD Athlon XP1800, 300W PSU (is that enough) 20Gb 80GB HDD

Can anyone advise me, thanks.

  clayton 06:59 26 Aug 2003

Does your motherboard support a 333Mhz FSB ?

  Djohn 13:31 26 Aug 2003

I have the same board and CPU as yourself. Just had a look at the website for details of board, these are posted below. I asked the same question of my local shop some time back, they are of the opinion that the fastest CPU would be a 2200XP.But it does mention 333 in the board spec. Maybe someone can advise further. j.

AMD® Athlon XP / Athlon / Duron CPU
Socket A
266 / 200MHz

SiS® 745 Chipset integrated 1394A with DDR333
Super I/O
Main Memory

Magic Setting
Keyboard Power On
Hardware Monitoring
LAN / Modem Wake up
Supports UltraDMA 100/66
Supports DDR333

  Djohn 14:33 26 Aug 2003

Just been to the tech. help of AMD website, and the following is what they say. Hope it is of some help to you.

2100xp 266 model 6 is the fastest CPU that AMD recommend with the K7S6A Motherboard.

  Legolas 15:26 26 Aug 2003

The 333 mentioned for this board refers to its support for ddr ram according to the specs on ebuyer click here it only supports 100/133 FSB.

  Rayuk 15:31 26 Aug 2003

Seems 2600+[266fsb] is the fastest it will use with latest bios[and ver 1.0a board]
The 333 refers to the memory it can take ie PC2700

  Craigmave 15:45 26 Aug 2003

Thanks for all your help.

  woodchip 16:34 26 Aug 2003

It can be updated by flashing BIOS to latest version and it supports 333mz memory

  woodchip 16:35 26 Aug 2003

It does not support FSB 333 but will overclock to that

  woodchip 16:41 26 Aug 2003

This board will not run the Athlon Barton

  Craigmave 16:42 26 Aug 2003

thanks ppl, i might upgrade my mb and cpu

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