K7S5A ver1 Bios update in win XP

  perseus 19:48 03 Nov 2004

Can anybody help me, I've saved the bios utility to the floppy drive plus one of the updates that i need, I've also set the bios to read from floppy at startup. Can somebody please help a blithering idiot!

  hugh-265156 20:02 03 Nov 2004

why are you wanting to flash the bios please?

  hugh-265156 11:38 04 Nov 2004

"Win XP sp2,1.9 athlon reading as 1.6,K7S5A mobo ver 1,512 sdram,Ati radeon 7000"

"I am getting lock ups when playing games or DVD's also the processeor isn't reading right on the Bios. I followed the ECS websites instructions to the letter last night and tried to flash the bios but to no avail, I can't get the flash utility to run for some reason. by following the instructions off the mobo manual I looked up in the utilities sector of the cd that came with the board, and the winflash ver is 118xx the current ver is 335. I am completely befuddled any help would greatly be appreciated"

are you saying you have an athlon xp 1900+? if so i believe that this runs at 1600mhz so your bios is reading it correctly in my opinion. i dont know why the flash utillity isnt working for you but i dont think it will help anyway.

as for the lock ups with games and dvd`s, are you getting any errors displayed when this happens or does it just freeze? are there any errors listed in event viewer that may help find the problem?

also try clicking 'start/run' and type 'dxdiag' click ok. what version of directX do you have? next click the 'display' tab and run the tests here. are there any errors displayed in the 'notes' box?

try updating your graphics card drivers click here and your motherboard chipset drivers click here

  hugh-265156 12:40 04 Nov 2004

"thanks for reply, The system just hangs,ie frozen screen ,cannot use CTRL, ALT,delete,zero nada. I already have the latest drivers for AGP,radeon 4.10. Thanks anyway I'm fairly sure it's a Bios fault but I don't know why winflash is not working. I really appreciate your help by the way and thanks"

please keep posting here in the forum, other more knowledgable forum members can follow your progress and offer better help than i can.

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