K7S5A Motherboard

  [DELETED] 18:29 19 Aug 2003

Can I Fit A Faster Processor On This Motherboard Because When I Try To Encode Video On DVD Complete The Task Manager Shows 100%Usage On CPU.The Computer Hangs After a Few Moments.The Processor Is A Athlon XP 2000+.When Applying Heat Sink Compound Do You Only Put It On Top Of The Chip Or All Over The Heatsink Area.
Thanks Bobs

  [DELETED] 18:33 19 Aug 2003

I've actually seen systems where heatsink compound is all over the motherboard :) Some people like to call themselves engineers I suppose.
The heatsink compound only needs to be put onto the area of the processor that makes contact with the heatsink, usually the central area.

How much ram does your system have??

  [DELETED] 18:46 19 Aug 2003

heres the bios update site for ya mobo. as you will see ya can install up to 2600+ after bios update.

click here

  [DELETED] 18:50 19 Aug 2003

This is how thermal compound should be applied click here this is for artic silver but the same Application Instructions apply for ordinary thermal compound as well.
This link click here should tell you what cpu your board will support.
Also click here for a great forum devoted to the K7S5A
Hope This Helps

  [DELETED] 18:51 19 Aug 2003

P.S. Encoding is very Processor intensive

  [DELETED] 19:26 19 Aug 2003

Thanks Guys One And All For Being Stars.I Will Buy A New Processor So And See What Happens.

  [DELETED] 19:54 19 Aug 2003

Is the computer really 'hanging' - or just busy ? This task is hugely processor intensive. Don't expect to be able to do anything else.

I only ask because you may find a faster processor doesn't help all that much.



  [DELETED] 21:56 19 Aug 2003

I Have Got 512MB Of Ram And If I Take The Side Off The Computer And Keep It Cool It Gets Through The Process.The Performance Graph Shows 100%Could Anyone Supply a Detailed Instruction On How To Upgrade The Bios.The Temperature Shows 58 degrees cent On Rebooting.

  [DELETED] 22:07 19 Aug 2003

heres the link on how to flash ya bios. print off the required instructions for which ever bios make ya have.

click here

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