K7S5A blown

  Jane doe 09:08 19 Apr 2003

Hi I have a computer here belonging to a friend that uses a K7S5A mobo. Its about 18 months old and has worked fine. However last night it went bang..literally, and stopped working! I said I would have a look at it. I took the side off this morning and on the mobo between the pink connector and the processor fan two chips have literally melted and are now missing and you can see a small amount of melted track. The computer starts up and runs but you get nothing on screen obviously and the HD red light is constantly on. My question lads is; is this the mobo gone and can I just fit a new one? or has this occurred due to something else like the power supply? Speedy suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  DAICAP 09:25 19 Apr 2003

I've used a lot of these boards in computers I've built and never had any problems. You may just be unlucky but there could be a problem with your power supply, but I would think that is unlikely.If in doubt though buy a new one.
Ask yourself-
Was there any problem with the mains electricity at the time?
Were the case and cpu fans working?

  rickf 09:39 19 Apr 2003

Obviously, the m/b is blown. You'll need a new one but you would have to check that nothing else has gone with it once you have replaced the new m/b. Its worth considering a reputable m/b like the Gigabyite GA 7VAX. The Elite tends to be erratic although I have one which is functioning very well over the past two years. The K7SA5 is known to have issues. A better bet is the ECS KSOM+.

  Jane doe 09:58 19 Apr 2003

daicap. Thanks for reply yes the fans were/are still working and this computer has worked fine for 18 months with no probs. Dont know about elec supply as this is Keiths computer and it was in his house. I can only say Ive never ever seen a mobo with chips so badly blown off the board before. He says the computer worked fine when he turned it off the previous night and it only went bang when he switched it on the next morning during startup

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