K-Lite codec pack full or k-lite codec pack 64 bit

  tonyq 18:03 22 Mar 2013

looking at the add/remove in control panel, I have the following 2 items. K-Lite codec pack full & k-lite codec pack 64 bit. Do I need both? if not which to delete. Running Windows 7 (64bit)

  rdave13 18:09 22 Mar 2013

I'd remove both, reboot and install this. Just check when you install that you might have to untick some features during installation as it's from C|NET.

  martd7 18:36 22 Mar 2013

Can i ask why you installed the codec pack?

If your having trouble with media player playing some file types download another player that doesnt need any additional codecs Vlc media player http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html

  alanrwood 10:17 23 Mar 2013

Just remove the 64 bit version. It is not needed if you have the 32 bit version installed. The 32 bit version is kept more up to date anyway. I have always found this to be an excellent player and codec pack and is very flexible.

  tonyq 18:09 23 Mar 2013

Thank you all for the replies. I think I downloaded the codecs when i could not play a certain file. I have the VLC player and think even that could not play the file. I think I will do as alanrwood suggested,then if VLC player as problems,try the Windows codecs. Thanks again.

  martd7 18:20 23 Mar 2013

which type of file are you trying to play?

  alanrwood 18:28 23 Mar 2013

The K-Lite codec pack contains "Media Player Classic" so you don't need VLC.

  tonyq 19:36 23 Mar 2013

mart7, cannot remember it's quite a while ago, can't even say if I ever did or did not find a solution..

  martd7 21:45 23 Mar 2013

alanrwood it does contain media player classic but it certainly doesnt do as much as vlc,the biggest thing with vlc is you dont install any codec packs

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