j.v.clayton 18:46 15 May 2011

i have been having problems with my internet connections for a while now , am just fed up with phoning them up . i am with Talk Talk ,have been with them for a number of years, they get it running for a while then it disconnects i get this blank screen ,i got help by going into but that does not work any more i get this page about sorting out your pc problems .have a similar problem with Yahoo messenger that does not connect up either , i have Kapersky anti virus running on my pc ,do not know if it is that or Windows 8 my pc has gone hay wire since downloading windows 8 . Hope some one can come up with a answer ?

  tullie 18:51 15 May 2011

It could be Windows 8 as it is only beta at the moment.It has been reported that dodgy copies are available as a torrent download,hopefully you dont have one of these.

  Woolwell 20:17 15 May 2011

Are you connecting by cable or by wireless to your router. The IP address is probably how you access your router's configuration. What have you been changing there? Can you still access it?

  spuds 10:50 16 May 2011

The IP address is the router code given by Talk Talk, and if you use 'admin' you will gain access. Click on Advanced, then OK, and this should tell you what the 'profile' from Talk Talk you have.

You also have Internet Options via Tools on the IE browser bar. Get Talk Talk technical (free telephone call for Talk Talk subscribers) or the information on their support website page to see if you have the correct settings.

When you refer to Windows 8, are you actually referring to Internet Explorer 8 or something else?.

Go into your Talk Talk account, then use the Talk Talk 'beta' speed-test facility. This should send a direct report to Talk Talk technical, which might provide evidence to your problems. There are other methods for finding out connection problems including route tracing, which Talk Talk 'higher level' might ask you to do, if you manage to get that far?.

  j.v.clayton 15:58 16 May 2011

thankyou for your reply and for all the others i recieved , i really do not konw what is wrong with my PC ,i have not been able to get around to sorting to yet! the replies i recieved are all good ,just have to try the eaiest ,i am using internet explorer 8 if it is corrupt i can not uninstall it ,so will most likely have to get in touch with microsoft, if i clean everything off it wont make any difference will it? i can get Talk Talk through a different link ,but it is a pain.thanks any way.

  j.v.clayton 13:50 17 May 2011

H i there i have sorted out my interent connections now thankyou very much.

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