JVC Camcorder Help

  babybell 10:59 28 Jul 2010

I have just inherited a JVC Camcorder, Model No. GR-DVL367EK.

The media type that it records to is the small VHS kind of tape.

I've noticed that it has a USB port, for which I have a cable, but I think this is used to copy over pictures from the memory card.

Does anyone know how I can easily copy off the video straight onto my PC?

I've tried the user manaual, but there isn't any answers in there.

  Graphicool1 12:37 28 Jul 2010

Try this...
Make sure the camera is switched off. Then connect the lead to your PC and then to the camera. Turn the camera on. Down the bottom right hand corner of your PC desktop at the end of the task bar, it should tell you that it's found a new device. It may then ask you to insert a disk and/or ask you if you want Windows to find the drivers. If it ask's this and you haven't got a disk press 'OK'. If you're really lucky it might just say new device found, followed by it is now ready to use!

If it does, click on 'My Computer' and see if you can see a drive that wasn't there previously. Click on it and it will open. Now all you have to do is figure out how to send the vids to that folder.

  Graphicool1 12:40 28 Jul 2010

Ask your question again at...click here

  hastelloy 14:00 28 Jul 2010

I always record onto DVD with a DVD recorder and then drag and drop (or copy and paste) into a folder on the PC.

  woodchip 14:06 28 Jul 2010

The USB is to transfer video to your PC. You need a Video Editing Suit to copy pictures to hard drive. MS Movie Maker should work

  woodchip 14:07 28 Jul 2010

PS you do need to load the drivers for the camera first

  michaelw 14:53 28 Jul 2010

I think the tape is dv tape, which means you can only transfer to pc via firewire, but I could be wrong.

  babybell 14:59 28 Jul 2010

When I switch on the camera when its connected to the PC, nothing happens. It is an old camera so didn't expect the PC to recognise it as a device.

Michaelw: I have read something about firewire being required before, what exactly is it?

  Les28 15:20 28 Jul 2010

Been looking at page 65 of what I think is your manual about connecting to a pc, think it's best if you connect using firwire cable, page 80 of the manual shows the location of the Digital Video connector socket, the firewire socket, numbered 26 on that page.

I have a JVC gr-dvl 9000 and you are advised to have camcorder running on ac power adaptor not on battery when transfering to pc.

Bit here about using JVC GR-DVL367EK to transfer movie to pc using firewire.

click here

  woodchip 16:13 28 Jul 2010

Driver for your camcorder, it needs loading before windows will see it click here

  Les28 16:28 28 Jul 2010

Thanks for the driver link woodchip I've bookmarked it in case of future need, I got my JVC camcorder second hand and just got the camera alone, no software but XP has always recognised it and I've captured hours of film, however I will keep the bookmark, just in case.

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