jv16 Power Tools

  Foolsbane_1 09:35 21 Jan 2003
  Foolsbane_1 09:35 21 Jan 2003

Users may wish to note that upgrade to v1.2 is now available. Uninstall of older version is recommended.

  leo49 10:07 21 Jan 2003

Afraid Topcat beat you to it last night.:o)

click here


  Stokey 11:03 21 Jan 2003

Have you used it yet?

I was frightened of the one we have now until you put me right. I'm gonna wait and see how you get on with it I think :o)

  Foolsbane_1 11:13 21 Jan 2003

Apologies to Topcat. I didn't think to check for existing posts on this one. I really should have known better. :o(

  leo49 11:15 21 Jan 2003

I'm just about to install it and see what's new.I'll let you know.


  leo49 12:31 21 Jan 2003

If you want be ultra-cautious,you can transfer your backups of previously removed entries in the following manner[;

How to uninstall jv16 PowerTools and then install a newer version without losing backups

1. Go to the directory where you installed jv16 PowerTools. By default it's "C:\Program Files\jv16 PowerTools".

2. Rename the directory called "Backups to "OldBackups".

3. Uninstall jv16 PowerTools.

4. Install a new version of jv16 PowerTools.

5. Go to "OldBackups" directory. There should be many sub-directories with odd names, copy all of them (press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C), go to where you now installed jv16 PowerTools and from there a directory called "Backups". Now paste all the data to here (press CTRL+V).

The new version opens with the same initial screen.Selecting the Registry Tool shows the first change as all the info that was in the side panel is now shown at the top.

You have to re-enter your preferences as to the display of installed Software.Click Preferences along the top,Age System\Enable and tick Manual,SelectAll, mark as Old,then reset to Automatic.From now on you'll be able to see what new entries are made by new programs.

Click Tools/Reg Cleaner and the familiar screen from the previous version opens giving you options[I only tick 'manually verify']

Click continue and you'll see a couple of new scans have been added to the menu.Untick any you don't want.[The shared component scan could be a bit iffy for the nervous and if you use a font manager untick that one].

Anyway, I left them all ticked bar the fonts,ran the scan removed all the green blobs and I'm still here.[It keeps a restorable backup so it's pretty safe].

Hope it helps.

Apologies to Foolsbane_1 for hijacking your thread.

Regards Leo49

  TOPCAT® 12:56 21 Jan 2003

I posted in Consumerwatch anyway. ;-)

I tried the new version and had a registry scan lockup. Went back to the previous version.

It may have been a faulty file download so I'll try it again later. TC.

  hoverman 13:05 21 Jan 2003

No problem here with the new version.

  VoG™ 18:44 21 Jan 2003


  Stokey 20:26 21 Jan 2003

Thanks very much my friend.

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