Just for your Amusement

  Pesala 19:22 04 Nov 2003

I recovered the following spam from my Trash can as I thought it might provide some light-hearted discusson. My website click here is basically a library for Buddhist literature. My curiosity was aroused by this email. How do they come to their conclusions from my website?

Dear Portal Administration!

I have recently come across your site and liked it very much. I suppose that the visitors of our resources belong to the same social group and my site could be useful for your audience so I suggest to exchange our links.

This will help both of us to increase link-Popularity and accordingly get top positions in many searching system, Google for instance.

We support several sites. You can exchange links with any of them (or with several of them)

If you are interested in our offer, would you please visit the web-pages of our resources and leave the link to your site.

Our sites are

click here - it's dedicated to scuba diving

click here - it's dedicated to tourism to Egypt

click here - it's dedicated to tourism to St. Petersburg, Russia

Yours sincerely,


What exactly does Buddhism have to do with scuba diving, or tourism in Egypt and St Petersburg?

Just one of the many perks of a *.org address I suppose. (>_ ) I decline their offer.

Dont you see the "link" here?

Basically, you have Russion Buddhist's who like to go scuba diving in Egypt!!

  Forum Editor 01:26 05 Nov 2003

of trying to get from one side of Cairo to the other in a taxi at luchtime, and still be in possession of my faculties is in any way typical the Egyptian tourists might appreciate a bit of Bhuddism to restore their sanity.

  Jester2K II 08:36 05 Nov 2003

Is it just me or do the links not work??

  Pesala 10:30 05 Nov 2003

Even more bizarre.

Russion Buddhist's who like to go scuba diving in Egypt!! that would be the Gaurdian readership then!

Tony Benn for president.!!

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