just want your opinion on things......

  LivEviL 20:19 27 Jun 2006

righto i have just brought laptop of a friend and its not a bad spec! it has Norton internet security 2005 on it but its askin me to reinstall, i dont particularly want to reinstall it as it makes the laptop run slowly

what other software can i use as my anti-virus and firewall

am i hearing AVG free and Zone alarm? or is there a better package out there which dont take up alot of my processors time

its xp home sp2

intel celeron 1.7GHz ( i think could be 1.5)

and 190mb ram ( i know not alot)

anyones opionion is welcome! just want good protection and not alot of processor space to run it!

  LivEviL 20:21 27 Jun 2006

sorry its a intel celeron-M ( mobile-right? i always thort that ment it had a build in wifi card, it doesnt apear to, do i have to enable it in some way? if it does have one?

  VoG II 20:26 27 Jun 2006

AVG + ZA are probably as good as any. Uninstalling Norton should speed things up. You may find click here= helpful.

If it isn't WiFi enabled you should be able to use a PCMCIA wireless card.

  yaesu 20:28 27 Jun 2006

Hi, Avast and Outpost work for me. regards yaesu

  ed-0 20:28 27 Jun 2006

No it's the intel centrino that has built in WiFi. The laptop may have a separate WiFi chip on the motherboard.

Can you post the make and model of the laptop?

  Digital 20:31 27 Jun 2006

Use AVG & ZA free versions. I've been using them for years without any problems, on a tower admittedly.

  Jackcoms 20:31 27 Jun 2006

Whilst the Norton will make the laptop run more slowly, as you say, I think that the real culprit is that mere 190mb of RAM.

You might want to investigate ways to increase that.

  Bogbrain 20:32 27 Jun 2006

Doesn't matter what pc you've got or the spec it. They're all susceptible to virus attacks, spyware, worms trojans etc.Norton is a waste of time anyway, as is any 'pay for' anti virus stuff.I dunno what you're 'hearing' but you sound very vauge. Get the free antivirus download from click here and a firewall from click here
Also, go to click here for free anti spyware plus
click here
That should cover at least the basic issues of pc security online- all for free too, ani't the internet wunnerful?

  LivEviL 21:00 27 Jun 2006

its a

Amilo L7300

its a 1.50GHz processor

  LivEviL 21:03 27 Jun 2006

Jackcoms - yes i will invest on the ram in the future probly near future

thanks very much Bogbrain

thank you VoG you always have an answer

yaesu and Digital thanks for your opionions! ill leave it open for a while till ed-o gets back to me many thanks all! keep up the good work!

  ed-0 21:06 27 Jun 2006

You are correct:-)

it does have built in WiFi. Here is the data sheet for it. click here

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