Just upgraded new board/cpu...help!

  pcgal 18:53 30 Apr 2005

Just upgraded to a socket 754 AMD64bit 3000 cpu and an Abit KV8 pro motherboard.

The system turns on (no display to monitor) then after approximately 30 seconds the system switches itself off... I've removed everything from the board except cpu/fan and same thing happens.....runs then switches itself off.

I've tried swapping PSU but still the same and I've also reset Bios via jumper but still the same.

The contact between cpu and heatsink seems fine as far as I can tell.

Must be a faulty motherboard unless anyone else has a suggestion.....thanks

  josie mayhem 20:06 30 Apr 2005

Check the comos jumper, if you've either not got a jumper on these pins, or if the jumper isn't prostioned conecting both pins. You will get this effect, happened to me (same board)

also for some funny reason this board cab be funny with g-force graphic cards, I ad to get an ati redeoan in the end, might explain the lack of picture on the monitor.

Another suggestion, would be check that all your stand-of pegs are correctly fitted, and that the board isn't touching any part of the case, as this can course shorting and knock the motherboard out.

  daxian 20:19 30 Apr 2005

hi pcgal........
bit more info would be of help,what graphics card ,memory,what is the power rateing of the psu?.....
did you connect the four pin connector to the motherboard....this is a must for these cpu's,and maybe the cause of your problem .
you should have the main connector + the four pin one for it to work ..Daxian.

  pcgal 20:48 30 Apr 2005

Thanks guys.....Daxian I think u may have hit the jackpot for me..........I didnt connect the 4pin ......dohhhhhhhhh

I've packed it all away now so I'll have another go tomoz..........thanks again guys

  pcgal 10:31 01 May 2005

Yes it was the 4 pin plug........thanks daxian.....appreciated

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