Just upgraded to broadband and.....

  amajaybee67 06:24 09 Jul 2003

Please, can anyone help?

I have just signed up with BT to provide me with ADSL broadband.

I didn't want the hassle of a USB modem so I bought a PCI Conexant (maybe Alcatel?) modem. On my desktop I now have Access Runner Control Panel, and Access Runner DSL.

Everything is set up, with filters on my dwnstairs and upstairs phone jacks, but I just cannot achieve sync for more than maybe 5 mins at a time. Then, my connection drops, I see "Attempting to activate line", "Training", and "Exchange" then I'm back. Sometimes the downtime is long enough to have to re-enter username etc. To cure that part, I'm using Dunce, but the fact that this "always on" service actually isn't, is galling at £27/month.

Anyone found a cure? (move from BT maybe? I still have 7 days to cancel)

I have kept my 56K V.90 modem and have kept on my dialup service through OneTel.



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  shortcircuit 07:10 09 Jul 2003

I have had the same problem over the last 24hrs. I have been told it is to do with the exchange. I live in Caldicot ,South Wales. I also have pci modem and with Plusnet.

  swapper 08:04 09 Jul 2003

I had problems with BT but found their help excellent. I had an engineer call, he replaced
the line from the outside pole right up to the modem, which they even replaced.
I think I am on the limit from the echange.
I also have a ViaTech chip which I have been told can cause a problem.

  amajaybee67 20:58 09 Jul 2003

Thanks for the posts guys.

I found a forum called "BTOpenWoe" (did a Google.....apparently using 'google' as a verb annoys them at Google HQ!) and found a lot of unhappy users. Their woes mostly caused by USB modems, so maybe I did somethin right by gettin PCI ;-)

As things stand now, I am gonna cancel BT an try OneTels broadband service. If that doesnt work either, then I'll sell my modem an suffer dialup til something else occurs. What do you need for wireless internet for example?

Check back later....


  rickf 21:52 09 Jul 2003

Move over to Plusnet. Its cheaper and the service is excellent!

  mammak 22:09 09 Jul 2003

I am so confused with this "Broadband malarky" we cant get it in our aera so we are on dail up 56k, it only take,s 30 to 40 seconds what,s the big deal with broadband folk,s, you all seem to be having so many prob,s with it, i am asking cause i dont see what,s so good about it, i will stand corrected though!!!

  perpetually-perplexed 22:14 09 Jul 2003

not waiting for pages to load, downloading files in a few seconds, streaming video , phone line not in use all night. lots more. over to everyone else on broad band

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:07 10 Jul 2003

Just started with Tiscali BB. Modem, connection and filters were free. The modem comes with an install disk and took 3 minutes to set up and be online. Can't see the problem with USB modems. Most BB suppliers use......BT lines, so quality of connection has little to do with them ;-)))


  capslock 05:41 10 Jul 2003


I took advantage of the sky.com/BT offer for broadband.

Free modem,connection,two filters + £12 for two extra filters.

Had more or less the same problem as amajaybee67 but a call to BT had an engineer on the phone within 12 hours.

"Unplug everything connected to your line...",says he.

A line test and subsequent plugging things back in one by one found the sky digibox to be the culprit - just causing a lot of noise!

Since then have enjoyed uninterrupted access with a consistent d/l speed of 562kbps.


  amajaybee67 06:46 10 Jul 2003

Thanks for the posts people.

A few comments:

I think the "whats the big deal.....?" comment has been answered. In the few moments I have been 'in sync' the speed of webpages opening, and the speed at which dwnlds finished was awesome. I want a faster connection than dialup can provide, at a reasonable price.

Gandalf? If what you say is true, then why would anyone use ADSL with anyone other than BT? I understand what you mean though. BT has a monopoly on the lines around the country, so if you cant get good quality BB with them, and its their hardware (?) at fault, then no-one else will be able to provide a quality service through their hardware either. Is this what your saying?

I've marked this as resolved, but further comments welcome.



  -pops- 06:54 10 Jul 2003

Broadband is no malarky, it's a fast internet system, very appreciably faster than the 56K dial up.

It isn't a system fraught with problems as you seem to think. By far the majority of users install the system without any difficulty. The problems turn up on here because this is the place to air them. If PCA forums were around at the time that dial up modems were in their infancy, I am sure there would have been an awful lot more posts about them than there are about broadband.

You only have to experience Broadband once to realise the advantages in the speeds of downloads. No more hanging on for hours downloading just modestly sized programs and data (and then getting a time out cutoff just when it's almost completed) - it's all done in a few minutes.


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