Just updated RAM....

  Phil930 00:29 09 Jul 2003

I just updated the RAM on a computer from 128mb pc 133 168dimm.

At first i put in one 512Mb pc133 168 DIMM CL2.0. This worked fine so i put the old ram in alongside it to equal 640Mb.

However, i do not know the speed of the old ram. If it is at CL2.5 or CL3.0 does this mean both dimms work at the slower speed or can they work on independent speeds?

There is no problems with the two sticks alongside each other, pc works fine.

Win XP Home, AMD XP2000 are main things....

  AndySD 01:18 09 Jul 2003

The chances are its CL 2.5 and yes both will e set to 2.5 but I hardly think you will notice any difference unless you overclock. If its working fine then just leave it that way and enjoy the speed difference the extra ram will have given your system.... :-))

  The Sack 01:23 09 Jul 2003

You will not notice the difference between CAS2 and CAS3 anyway (PC133 doesnt run at CAS2.5 as it isnt DDRRAM)

The latency setting only has an impact on the first instuction sent to the RAM after that they all run at the same speed.

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