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Just a small point - but I'm curious!

  Yimbo 11:04 06 Mar 2019

Clicking on any of my desktop shortcuts produces an almost instant opening of the relevant program/ website. But the shortcut for iTunes always takes about a minute and a half to open. Any idea why this should be?

  difarn 14:05 06 Mar 2019

If you Google it you will see that it seems to be a popular complaint - can't see any explanation or remedy.

  Yimbo 14:20 06 Mar 2019

Thanks difarn. I googled it, and I see what you mean! It just seems to be "one of those things" to live with!

  Old Deuteronomy 14:23 06 Mar 2019

It's likely that you are having to wait for iTunes to communicate with Apple servers.

  Yimbo 14:49 06 Mar 2019

Could be, Old Deuteronomy! Thanks!

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