Forum Editor 10:40 07 Jun 2003

Sometimes, when you're frustrated and fed up with your computer it's tempting to express yourself in a more robust way by using a naughty little word - but with asterisks attempting to disguise them. It doesn't disguise them at all of course, we all know what the word is.

It's not necessary to do this, and we don't allow it in our forum. We've said so before, but practice is creeping back of late, so here's another reminder. We will automatically delete any thread or post that has inappropriate words - with asterisks or without.

This is not just us being old fuddy duddies - once you allow one word it's difficult to stop others, and who judges what is, or isn't appropriate? In the end the fairest way is to say that our decision - about what is or isn't appropriate in this respect - is final, and there will be no discussions.

  graham√ 11:40 07 Jun 2003

Quite right, too!

  Sapins 11:42 07 Jun 2003

I could not agree more. One of the big attractions of this forum is the fact that, old fashioned as I am, there is no inappropriate language and the threads can safely be read by anyone. Keep it as it is because I for one would leave immediately you let these standards slip.

  recap 11:50 07 Jun 2003

Couldn't agree more FE.

  Forum Editor 12:42 07 Jun 2003

for your support - it's good to know that you appreciate the thinking behind this policy.

  Audeal 12:53 07 Jun 2003

I wish they would use this policy in other everyday things, such as TV. The language is appalling and sometimes disgusting, and quite unnecessary.

  watchful 13:19 07 Jun 2003

Nice to know that this site is not going to let standards slip.

May it long continue.

  zanwalk 14:12 07 Jun 2003

Well done FE, please keep up the excellent standards.

  Forum Editor 18:03 07 Jun 2003

It's great to get such support.

On the subject of the English language - we don't expect everyone who posts here to have a GCSE in English, and if your spelling or grammar is less than perfect we couldn't care less quite frankly, we're here to help with computing problems, not to mark essays.

This is a community with a population greater than a town the size of Sevenoaks or Scarborough, and like those towns we have a spread of ages and socio-economic groups. Some people have a near perfect command of the language, others don't. Some people are extremely computer-literate, others aren't. It doesn't matter as far as we're concerned - we're all linked by a common interest in computing, and that should be our focus.

The odd thread that currently has an asterisked word? Well let's say we've declared an amnesty as far as they're concerned, and start from now.

  Legolas 18:21 07 Jun 2003


  anniesboy68 18:42 07 Jun 2003

Kalb... I like that one

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