Just a quick query on ntl broadband modem

  ray27 15:13 26 Apr 2004

Just a quick query I have just been connected to ntl broadband
What I would like to know is it advisable to turn the modem of when you close down the computer or leave it on all the time?
As there is no on/off switch on the modem, I have been leaving it on
Many thanks for any advice

  Clint2 15:22 26 Apr 2004

In my case the NTL set-top box acts as my modem and I leave it on all the time. As you say, there is no on/off switch.

  spencer boy 15:24 26 Apr 2004

i leave mine on all the time. Not sure if thats good either. If the power is disconnected and reconnected ~(i.e. plug pulled out) the modem connects automatically in a few seconds (i was a bit worried when the misses pulled the plug out to do the ironing ... but the modem worked still without needed to do anything).

Not helpful... so hopefully someone will be able to tell us.

  wallbash 17:01 26 Apr 2004

Have had NTL BB for nearly two years, only when away on 2 week Hols do I ever think about turning off, Leave on !

  keith-236785 17:10 26 Apr 2004

about once a month i power Everything OFF, otherwise my pc, monitor, modem, printer etc is always on 24/7.

entirely up to you how to go about this, i havent seen any warnings saying not to power off, in fact it does mention that if your internet connection seems slow, unplug your modem (power lead) and leave off for a few minutes. so i dont think it will hurt to power it down.

  Pesala 18:20 26 Apr 2004

Plug everything into the wall socket via a surge protected trailing socket. Switch off the whole lot together at the wall, and pull out the plug if lightning is forecast.

What benefit is there in burning electricity for the sake of it? I know it is only a few watts to run a power supply or a printer on powerdown, but it adds up to Megawatts if everyone does it.

There is also a minute risk of fire from any electrical appliance that is left on unattended.

  billyliv 18:53 26 Apr 2004

Hi, I have been on NTL broadband from the off. Cable modem is the 'Terrayon'. I have always shut everything down via a surge protector when I am away from the computer. Never had any problems doing this. Cheers, Bill

  skell 19:02 26 Apr 2004

Yep always use a surge protector, when your done computing, switch off and pull out the plug. no worries. I've no problems with doing that for over 2 years now.

  ray27 19:08 26 Apr 2004

I have a surge protector and I will take your advice and switch off ,thinking about it they do advise turning it off and then turning it back on if you are having problems and this should cure 99% of the problems

many thanks for all the advice it realy is helpfull when you are on your own
cheers ray

  SEASHANTY 19:32 26 Apr 2004

The NTL cable modem uses 10 watts per hour. That is
240 watts in 24 hours or near enough to one unit of electricity. Why waste power that you do not need. If not using the PC switch it off. Not only are you wasting money but your waste also adds to pollution
of the atmosphere. Some people amaze me with their pure selfishness. What about future generations!

  SEASHANTY 19:33 26 Apr 2004

That 240 watts should have stated ..... near enough to one unit of electricity every four days.

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