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  woodchip 22:01 02 Nov 2003

How many of you have tried running programs from a Formatted CDRW disc, One I use is Quicken 98. I have also run Netscape 7 from a CDRW. But I run Quicken as it cannot be got at from the net if the CD is not in the drive.

  woodchip 22:16 02 Nov 2003

Just format a CDRW disc with Direct CD or INCD then run the program setup that you want to load but point it to the CDRW disc to load to instead of the hard drive you need this to be in the CDRW drive obviously to run the program

  powerless 22:17 02 Nov 2003

Surely a hard drive can transfer data at a much higer speed than a CD-RW drive can?

Do not see the point in it woodchip.

  woodchip 22:20 02 Nov 2003

Quicken for Security, If on the Net it cannot be hacked if it's not in the Drive, and New CDRW's are as fast as most Hard drives used to be, and some new ones.

  Forum Editor 23:14 02 Nov 2003

in doing this woodchip - nobody's going to hack your computer for your Quicken files.

  woodchip 17:30 03 Nov 2003

I am going to have a Try at loading Win98 on to a CDRW and make it boot in bios from first boot device CD-ROM to see if it will run, I will let You know how this gets on.

  Diemmess 17:49 03 Nov 2003

W98 will only install on C: drive.

"Thinks" ..... you might clone it to a CDRW.....? .....in which case if it runs it will be the ultimate test of the integrity of your CDRW disk!

  Forum Editor 01:18 05 Nov 2003

I stopped using a firewall altogether a short while ago. There, I've said it.

Why? Because it was interfering in my business, and caused a couple of random, and extremely irritating full on, blue screen fall overs in Win XP. I analysed the crashes, and tracked the culprit down - it was a firewall file.

Like GANDALF <|:-)> I visit clients, and like him I take a laptop with a firewall on it, but that's all.

Oddly enough, Agnitum - the company who produce the Outpost firewall (the one I would be using if I used anything) have just invited me to join their beta test panel, so who knows? I may be back with a shiny new model a few months hence. In the meantime I'll take my chances out there on cyber street. This nakedness is a purely personal thing you understand, I'm not recommending that anyone follows suit. I simply want to make it clear that the chances of any home user's machine being 'hacked' in the true sense of the word are so remote that dinosaurs will probably walk the earth again before it will happen to you.

Cue for:

"Help!!!!!!!!!!! I've been hacked!!!!!!!!!!"

to appear in Helproom.

  woodchip 13:59 05 Nov 2003

I sealed it a while ago, No problem

  woodchip 14:26 05 Nov 2003

No success so far

  woodchip 22:34 05 Nov 2003

No go on the above as EIDE take precedence when booting, and CD drives come under SCSI devices. It can be done with linux

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