Just Out Of interest

  Grey Wolf 11:33 19 Nov 2003

Just out of interest what do you think?
I just wanted to have a go at putting a web site together so that i can say i have done this.
I am not up that much on computers.
i used front page to build it.
please let me know what you think, dont be shy

click here

sorry dont know how to make this a link

  AndySD 11:40 19 Nov 2003

Its a good start. My main groan is that the navigation is on page 3 and is not on all the pages making it hard to find your way arround. If you decide to put the navigation on all pages (including the index) try to keep it the same on all pages.

  Taran 11:53 19 Nov 2003

Get rid of the music !

Music embedded into web pages is a serious pet hate of mine, and when the music files are different for every page you're asking for trouble with narrowband 56k modem web surfers.

Some of your images are a little grainy and could do with being rescanned at a slightly higher resolution.

It's a good effor for your first site - FrontPage really helps you along doesn't it ?

Take a look at other sites and see what you like (and why) then have a think about how you would like your own to reflect your preferences in a way that is sympathetic to your iterests and general site info.

One other general point; using different visuals, fonts, colour schemes and even entire layouts on a page by page basis can confuse some visitors. It's normally better by far to stick with one consistent layout and colour scheme throughout the site, or divide the site into seperate sections where each section may have a variation on a theme.

Good luck with it.



  Sir Radfordin 14:13 19 Nov 2003

One small problem that you may want to address - people who are running ZoneAlarm Firewalls or similar may not actually be able to get beyond the first page.

Your 'welcome' link image doesn't apear as ZoneAlarm thinks it is an advert. I couldn't work out how you managed to get into the site.

May be worth adding a text link instead just to be sure people can find their way in.

  Talented Monkey 14:23 19 Nov 2003

i have encountered the problem that Sir Radfordin mentions I use ZoneAlarm and have certain options blocked. I cant be bothered to mess around editing options for your site so that’s first and last time ill visit it. shame as it may have been good and something i wanted. never mind there are plenty of other sites out there.

for personal sites this may be not too drastic but if you are trying to sell something or providing public information then having these linking and design elements are plain stupid as it restricts a percentage of people, which is growing every day, from entering the site.

Also another interesting fact, Microsoft lost a huge copyright battle recently, which effectively means that they can not have browsers which will automatically load plugin scripts etc so all future new browsers wont be able to load these pages anyway.

one more thing.. yes kill the music!

  Grey Wolf 19:00 19 Nov 2003

Thank you you for the info ill take it on board and think on

  A_World_Maker 23:17 21 Nov 2003

Am I missing something here, like navigational links?... I checked the code on the page, there are no links!!!

  Sir Radfordin 15:18 22 Nov 2003

They are there but if you have ZoneAlarm running and blocking ad's then you won't see it.

  Eccentric 22:05 25 Nov 2003

I am a bit of a novice on computers so have no technical criticisms but I enjoyed you site - it is different.

  erinus 19:05 26 Nov 2003

I have looked at you site and found one point worth noting:

1. Some of your text is overlaping on page our_garden.htm.
Did you use a Mac to insert the fonts? If so remember that a Mac shows fonts smaller than a PC, hence possible cause of overlap.
Mac fonts 72dpi and PC fonts 96dpi.

The solution to this would be to code your fonts in pixels (ie 12pic) This should allow all users to see your fonts (text) the way you intended.

Hope this helps otherwise a good looking site even thought it is a little heavy in Graphics.

  Forum Editor 19:40 26 Nov 2003

is related to your tables. I suggest that you use a smaller point size, perhaps a different font (Verdana) and format the tables cells to justify the text left.

Use the same font and point size on every page, and the site will take on a far more professional and cohesive look. The site would also benefit from having the Navigation bar on each page.

I'm afraid I share Taran's dislike of music files on web pages - they add nothing and can be seriously irritating - but it's your site, and it would be a pretty dull world if we all agreed on everything. I feel the same way about animated gifs too, I always think they detract from good content, and they can be very distracting. Good content doesn't need all kinds of gizmos cycling over and over - it stands on its own two feet.

On the plus side, I enjoyed looking at the big rigs, although the overall image quality isn't that good. Remember that when you compress an image you must never subsequently increase its physical size - you'll simply degrade the quality even further. When you initially create the jpeg, try to save it in the correct size for the space on your page - NEVER drag it to a larger size in FrontPage, you'll lose quality.

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