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  woodchip 17:25 31 Jul 2011

Looks to me like PCA is going same way as banks etc, but help seems to have gone down the drain not as many helpers also problems have become not just PC but an abundance of questions on other subjects, I am guilty of posting some as a last resort. Is it me or as any one else seen what's happening? this includes answers from FE

  Nontek 18:06 31 Jul 2011

Hi, I have noticed the same, so it is not just you!

  Woolwell 18:29 31 Jul 2011

Maybe my imagination but I don't think there are so many questions as before. Some of the regular helpers seem to have gone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 31 Jul 2011

Lot of helpers gone missing, some new ones appeared, perhaps just name changes?

Not sure what you mean by going same way as banks etc are we closing branches?


  mooly 18:35 31 Jul 2011

I haven't been on here much lately either... reasons... could go into detail but simpler to say the sites just not very nice to use.

FE take note please.

  chub_tor 18:50 31 Jul 2011

It's an interesting point that woodchip raises about the type of questions that are being raised and yet a quick browse of some of the different forum sections shows that there are a number of questions that have been asked that have received no answer. For example just a few minutes ago I counted on the front page of the Helproom 4 questions, no answers; Absolute beginners 3; Windows 7 3; Networking 3; Consumerwatch 2 and Vista 1. Perhaps these were once answered by our missing helpers?

  Woolwell 19:26 31 Jul 2011

Actually a lot of questions are getting views but no answers. Are the questions getting more obscure and/or the experts who can answer then not so readily available.

  woodchip 19:56 31 Jul 2011

My point about Banks was just a illustration, in other words though they have been bailed out, they have not changed nothing and now its countries that seem to be the next thing as well as USA on the Slide big time. Could PCA be going the same way

May be I should have posted into Speakers Corner

  compumac 20:11 31 Jul 2011

Oddly enough only yesterday I remarked to my wife that there is quite some time between posts. It used to be that if a question was posted that replies would be received - perhaps not immediately, but fairly soon after the original posting and indeed some of the contributors that one has been used to seeing do not seem to be so much in evidence. Could this be down in some peculiar way to the change of the layout?

  woodchip 20:15 31 Jul 2011

It seems there may be a link, I think more that we have had the slow ups and having to keep pressing Refresh and all the hiccups. As I nearly called it a day a few days back

  Algerian peter 21:27 31 Jul 2011

I posted a question about tabs in IE8. Quite a few views but no suggestions. I solved the problem before any suggestion was offered.

No were neer the amnmount of helpers has their used to be but the newer versions of windows are nearly bullet proof. You will also get the, perenial answer of, it is holiday time for children so many posters will be away.

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