Just installed IE7 and got a problem already

  Red Devil 13:08 19 Oct 2006

Hi all,

Well, I've just installed IE7 and have given it a test drive. I've come across a problem - or, at least, a problem to me - with tabbed browsing.

I can't force IE7 to open a link that opens a new window - e.g., a page that uses html code like target=blank for opening external links - to open the new page in a new tab in the same browser window instead. There's no setting for it, as there is in Firefox, Opera and Netscape, in the tabs setting under internet options. There's an option to force popups to open in a new tab and for programs that open a new browser window in a new tab but nothing about forcing a link that opens a new window.

Even right-clicking and selecting "Open link in New Tab" doesn't work for these links, they're still opened in a new browser window.

Unless someone else knows otherwise?

Had same problems so just un-installed

  J B 14:44 19 Oct 2006

I don't know if this will help or not, but there is an extensive review of IE7 here click here Have a look and maybe you will find the answer that you are looking for but there is a load of info on tab browsing. Good luck. J.B.

  recap 14:56 19 Oct 2006

click here there may be a work-around?

  Red Devil 15:25 19 Oct 2006

Cheers for the links but there's no info or workarounds mentioned for the problem encountered with tabbed browsing not working properly.

The Paul Thurrott's review even states that the right-clicking of a link and selecting "Open link in New Tab" works prefectly yet myself and owise14u - I believe though that could be just a guess ;) - have both had problems.

Is Paul Thurrott's article to be taken at face value then or is there an issue with tabbed browsing that only affects certain PC's or configurations?

I know I find Firefox's implementation of tabbed browser to be better from my point of view - not to mention Opera and Netscape - and that's BEFORE I get my hands on Firefox 2 which is due pretty soon now.

  anskyber 15:33 19 Oct 2006

Not sure I've understood you completely.

Using the BBC site as a test I clicked a link and it opened the site in the same tab as the BBC site.

If I right clicked the link instead I get a choice including opening link up in new tab and it did. Have I missed something?

  J B 15:35 19 Oct 2006

About the article, I think that it should be taken at face value. The reason that I gave you the link was that the article had a large section on tabbed browsing and how it worked, although I have to say that Paul Thurrott's site does give all glowing reviews on all things MS. That said, most times he is qite a hard man when it comes to new products. J.B.

  rdave13 15:45 19 Oct 2006

Not sure what you mean but to open a link in a new tab just clik the link with the centre mouse button(wheel).

  Red Devil 15:50 19 Oct 2006

I've just tried the BBC site myself and I still get new links being opened in a new window rather than a new tab - even when right-clicking the link and selecting "Open Link in New Tab".

Not sure what's going on - especially as IE7 is the only browser that has atabbed browsing that I've used that has had this problem - and it appears to not just be me seeing as owise14u has had some problems with the tabbed browsing in IE7.

Afraid I'm going to be sticking to Firefox that little bit longer unless someone can suggest a workaround.

  Red Devil 15:57 19 Oct 2006

If you have a mouse with a centre button (wheel)! ;)

I use a tracker ball that only has 2 buttons.

I've also noticed that IE7 crashes - I get the message that Windows needs to shut the program down due to a problem and asking me if I want to send an error report or not - every time I shut the program down.

Wonder if there's a link here? Maybe my PC is at the lower end of the scale for an acceptable specification to be able to run IE7. I am STILL on a Pentium III based system after all. ;)

  anskyber 16:02 19 Oct 2006

It might be worth doing a reinstall. It will uninstall from add/remove programs to take you back to IE6

I have used IE7 (variants) without any trouble for several months. I did have to do a reinstall the first time however (not today) because I rather stupidly left a window open and my AV enabled. All well after that though.

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