Just how noisy are modern PCs?

  Bart of Darkness 00:58 17 Jul 2004

At present I have a humble Duron 700 which is somewhat out of date but still functional. I'm in the market for a new PC and I'm aware that faster computers are often noisier than the one I have at the moment.

I work from home in my bedroom, frequently burning the midnight oil. As I'm partially deaf, a noisier PC won't be too much of a problem for me, but I'm worried that my poor neighbours will end up suffering during my late night sessions.

Am I being silly? Are modern PCs so noisy as to transmit the noise through floors or walls?

Can anyone with a modern PC (and normal hearing) give their opinion on this? Thanks.

  hillybilly 01:09 17 Jul 2004

Yes, in general they are noisier, but having said that, the difference is If I listen to Radio4 whilst working the speech on the tranny is still louder then the PC. I should'nt worry about if I were you. Your nighbours won't hear.

  pc moron 01:17 17 Jul 2004

I have normal hearing and I use my PC in the "box room"- I can hear the fans running, but that's it.

If you're not going to play music/films through speakers, then I wouldn't worry about it- your
neighbours won't hear the PC.

  Ja??s 01:57 17 Jul 2004

I have a total of 7 80mm fans in my PC (including 2 power supply fans) + 80mm CPU fan and I can sleep easily with it running at night, likelyhood is that if you buy a retail PC you will have about 4 fans max, so your neighbours will definately not be complaining!


  only me 09:31 17 Jul 2004

Hi Bart
i used to live in a block of flats, i bought some car mats and placed the base box on one, and the two speakers on a another two, stopped sound transmitting through floor and wall, bit of a loss in sound quality but stopped complaints.

  cga 09:38 17 Jul 2004

If you are really worried about it you can get noise deadening kits. These are essentially rubber mats that stick to the inside of the case to stop it amplifying the fan noise.

  Bart of Darkness 10:16 17 Jul 2004

Thanks for the feedback everyone. As someone with less than perfect hearing it's often hard to judge what is and isn't acceptable. I won't be playing music through the speakers so it's really the fans that I was worried about.

Ja??s, I'm unlikely to have as manu fans as your machine so that bodes well.

only me, I'll remember your solution also, it's probably worth getting some car mats or something similar anyway.

cga, I might invest in a noise deadening kit also (I guess I'll have to wait until I actually get it running until I can judge how bad [or not] the problem is).

Thanks to everyone who replied.

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