Just got powerline adapters given to me

  LBensley 16:23 02 Jul 2014

My friend has just giving me a pair of Devolo 200 AVeasy powerline adapters but just the actual things and the Ethernet cables.

can anyone help me set them up?

  onthelimit1 16:29 02 Jul 2014

That's all you need - plug one into the mains near your router (don't use extension sockets) - ethernet cable from the plug to the router. Plug the other one into the mains near your PC, and plug in the ethernet cable. That's it - no need to pair them.

  LBensley 16:33 02 Jul 2014

thanks for the quick reply, but should it appear as a wired connection? because mine doesn't and if I connect from wifi I just lose all connection to the internet?

  LBensley 16:33 02 Jul 2014


  wee eddie 17:27 02 Jul 2014

Then they will need to be Paired.

Google the Model number, just in case, but there is usually a wee nob to push

  onthelimit1 20:07 02 Jul 2014

They do not need to be paired - they will work OK just plugging in. Pairing just improves the security.

  wee eddie 20:50 02 Jul 2014

OTL1: That's the problem. They don't but we know they should.

  Jollyjohn 12:04 03 Jul 2014

Work in the same room if possible just to get them set up.

Connect up all except PC, and wait for green lights, if any.

On PC there will be a little icon - "Network cable unplugged" when you hover over it. Does this change when you then plug in the ethernet cable?

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