Just got 8Mb/s broadband- very slow

  Quilljar 17:05 23 May 2006

I have just received an upgrade from BTYahoo to 8Mbs
However on test I am now getting 0.5 Mbs downstream and only 0.3 Mbs upstream. Is this normal for this sort of upgrade and will it get better? If so, why does this happen?

  GaT7 18:25 23 May 2006

"What to expect when first connecting with Up to 8Mb BT Broadband" - click here.

More connection FAQs click here.

If it doesn't inprove in 24hrs, it may be best to ask them directly click here. Good luck, G

  Dipso 21:34 23 May 2006

The upstream is probably right as it is 448 kbps on Max but the downstream is low. It does take time to settle though.

Have you been advised to upgrade your hardware?

  Quilljar 09:00 24 May 2006

I am using the BT 2091 Wireless router, which is what they recommend. I have been told on the BT newsgroup that it can take up to two weeks to come up to speed. I simply do not understand why. When I was first upgraded from 512 Kbs to 2.1 Mbs, it happened instantly.

  Dipso 10:23 24 May 2006

It's probably just a matter of waiting but can you get your line stats from your router, sync speed, SNR, Attenuation etc. as this can give an indication of the speed your likely to end up with. Also take note if your sync speed changes at all during the 10 day period.

I was stuck at 2 Meg for the first 3 days... granted that was better than.

  Mad Mick 13:33 24 May 2006

Join the club of dissatisfied people who upgraded to 8Mb. Mine is as low as 600 kbps and rarely reaches the dizzy heights of 3800 kbps and I only live 400 yds from the exchange.

I will have to wait for another 11 months until I can ditch BT Broadband.

  Graham ® 14:42 24 May 2006

Changing ISP is no guarantee your speeds will improve. The line and exchange modem will stay the same.

  Mad Mick 15:09 24 May 2006

Graham ® there is always NTL/Telewest

  Trepan 15:24 24 May 2006

I have just upgraded today 24th and BT called to advise that "it could take upto 10days for the line to become stable" and "you might experience slower speeds and the occasional drop-out, but all should be well after this initial period" - we shall see.

  Quilljar 17:00 24 May 2006

I have been checking my bb speeds since I posted. I use,
click here

The speed has gone up each day from 0.5 Mbs to today when it is 2.9 Mbs

This morning it was 4 Mbs, so it is fluctuating but at least above the 2Mbs of yore!

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